The Tassel’s worth the Hassle: Give Flowers on Graduation

Go to sleepless nights slaving over schoolwork have now come to an end. No more cramming for projects and studying all night long for an exam. A collective sigh can now be heard from among those who will march to the stage for graduation.

Summer signals the conclusion of almost a yearlong studying. But more importantly, this is a time when students anticipate a new chapter in their lives. Every student looks forward to graduation day when he or she would be able to take a breather from all that schoolwork. With all the hard work put into making the grade, it’s about time that we reward their perseverance.

You can treat your graduate to a dinner in a posh restaurant, a spa treatment, a vacation out of town, a shopping spree or a new gadget. These are all wonderful things to do for someone who means so much to you and has made a lot of efforts in studying well.

But if you want to truly surprise them, send them flowers to show that you are celebrating with them on this special day. Pick flowers that complement their school colors. Or if your graduate has a favorite, ask your florist to arrange them for you. Look for a florist who can make things easier for you. It’s also better if you can order online.

If you think that flowers alone won’t do, throw in a basket of chocolates, balloons or a stuffed toy to make the celebration feel complete. After all, this day is all about making your graduate feel really special.

Flowers and Fashion: Recreate the Beauty of Runway Designs

Flowers flooded the runway in the 2011 Milan Fashion Week as D&G showcased its collection for Summer 2011.

Yes, flowers were everywhere. Quite literally. According to the D&G press release, the women’s collection is a ‘day in a garden’.

Go to philippineflowermart.comBlooms took over center stage as the models walked the runway. There were even live and artificial flowers at the edge of the catwalk that give off that garden feel. Floral prints on blouses, skirts, frocks and scarves gave the models and ultra feminine look, a must-achieve style for 2011.

But if you can’t afford pricey D&G at least for now, you can still recreate the look for less by going for real flowers. So get your antihistamines ready and be fashion forward with live flowers to don on your outfit.

In a tropical country like the Philippines, you simply can’t go wrong with flowers. Even if you’re freezing in cold weather, you can still have your flowers and wear them too.

A flower behind the ear would be the simplest way to do it. Tucked behind one ear and in front a curtain of flowing hair, a single flower can put the oomph to whatever outfit you’re wearing.

You can even weave them with ribbons or leaves to create a necklace or a bracelet. Put them on the handles of your bag, which is trés chic. Or you can attach it to the strap of a wedge sandal (as shown in the photo) for a flirty and feminine look. Go to

If you are a man and are hesitant to wear flowers, you can put it on as a boutonniere and no one will question your masculinity. Better yet, send them to a woman who likes wearing flowers.

There are so many ways that you can do with flowers. Flowers are not only good as gifts or as home decors, they can also be pretty embellishments in any outfit. Recreate runway designs in your own way by using flowers to adorn your garb.

Flowers for Feng Shui: Bring Good Luck to Your Homes

Every year, we look forward to great new things to happen in our lives. We come up with New Year’s resolutions in the hope of ultimately sticking to it and seeing some changes.

But if you want good fortune to smile down on you, it helps if to know a little bit of Feng Shui to guide you through.

Go to philippineflowermart.comFeng Shui is a way of attracting good energy into our lives by strategically arranging our living spaces. One great but simple way to do it is by placing fresh flowers in our homes for fortuity. Stay away from dried flowers, though, as they symbolize decay.

Flowers do not only serve as good home décor; they also bring good luck. As every flower has its own symbolism, it is wise to look into which blooms would actually make fortune enter our doors.

Here are some points to consider if you want to use flowers as good luck charms in your homes:

  • Lotus is a flower of perfection. It also symbolizes purity. Place lotus flowers in a bowl half filled with water, along with votive candles, to bring in harmony and beauty in your life.
  • If you want to bring romance into your life, fresh pink flowers shall do the trick. Put them on the bedside table for a whole lot of love luck.
  • Go to philippineflowermart.comPlanning to start a family instead? Orchid flowers can help you out in that department. This classic symbol of fertility also brings abundance and perfection.
  • Chrysanthemums are symbols of peace. Place them the living room or in strategic places all over the house for happiness.
  • Want luck the whole year through? Plant a narcissus in your backyard before the turn of another year. If it blooms at the beginning of the New Year, that’s an indication that you will have good fortune for the whole year.
  • Green is the color of money and growth. Incorporate green into your home décor by putting some leaves along with the flowers in the vase.

Flowers are very popular for Feng Shui because not only they bring good luck, but also because they make people feel good, which is necessary in bringing in harmony.

There are a lot of flower delivery shops in the internet – you can order a flower for your good luck now!

Do These then Shoot Yourself: Flower-Giving Booboos

On more than one occasion, I mentioned that flowers are perfect for any occasion. While that still holds true, there are other little-known occasions when giving flowers are unwarranted.

Suffice to say, there are exceptions to every rule. And to every exception, you need a back-up plan to make the rule work for you and not against you.
Here are those exceptions and the things you should do before you make a huge mess of yourself.

Go to philippineflowermart.com1. On a first date – Clearly, this one goes out for men. If you’re trying to woo a woman and you’ve finally had the guts to ask her out, giving flowers on a first date seldom makes any difference whether she’s going to see you again or not. Some people say that a woman first has to earn it while others say it doesn’t really matter. Whatever your opinion may be, prepare for the unexpected. I know it sounds totally unromantic, but hey let’s face it: you don’t have control over your date.

If you do decide to give flowers, make sure to give it to your date when you pick her up. Not in the car or at the restaurant. This way, she doesn’t have to take along the bouquet with her wherever she goes. Makes sense?

2. After a breakup – Again, this goes out to the guys. How many men have men attempted to make women they broke up with feel better by giving flowers? When you break up with someone, you don’t expect the other person to feel instantly better once you give her flowers. On the contrary, it’s going to make her feel much worse. It’s like you’re bribing her feelings—to mask her sadness (or scorn).

If you want to make someone feel better, leave your ex out of the picture. She’ll never feel happy about the break up anyway (unless she’s been secretly wanting to cut the strings for a long time). However, if you do want to get back with her, that’s when a charming bouquet of flowers is appropriate to show you’re sorry.

Go to philippineflowermart.com3. When you want to win a man – In the movies, we see girls who want to get the attention of boys they want send themselves flowers secretly. This supposedly makes the other guy jealous or more interested. Nothing else spells D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E better than this.

If you’re going to buy yourself flowers, do it because you appreciate the aesthetic arrangement of the blooms and not to impress anyone else. Or better yet, do it because you want to prettify your home, so that YOU can enjoy it.

4. When you want a promotion – Sucking up to your boss won’t make your paycheck fatter and your job title fancier. That will just make the obvious even more apparent. If you want to be promoted, work your way up the ladder. Giving flowers to your boss at a time when you are about to ask for a raise is just way too distasteful. Makes you look like a toady.

But if you must send a floral arrangement to your workplace, do it when an occasion calls for it (like a company celebration perhaps). That way, you don’t have to run the risk of being called a sycophant.

Flowers can make anyone’s day, but they can also ruin it depending on the reason behind the giving. So if you plan to send flowers, find out first what your true motive is. If you don’t know what flowers to send, check out online flower stores for ideas.

Wedding Flowers for the Recessionista Bride

Getting married is serious business. There are so many preparations to make before you get to your ‘Happily Ever After’. While you don’t want to skimp on quality, you still have plenty of things to consider in order to have the wedding of your dreams.

One of the many things to keep in mind when you’re tying the knot is the kind flowers you’re going to use for the wedding. Flowers eat up a huge chunk off a wedding budget, so it’s essential for every bride-to-be to be discerning in the blooms she’ll use.

Go to

Below are some ideas that you can use in making cheap (economical, not shoddy) but chic wedding flower arrangements.

The bouquet is perhaps the most important thing you should consider out of all the flower arrangements in your wedding. You’ll be carrying one when you walk down the aisle up to the minute you toss it in the air.

It’s important that a wedding bouquet has an element of style and simplicity in it. A bouquet of yellow calla lilies is stylish yet simple—it’s all you’ll ever need to draw everyone’s eyes on you. You can also opt for roses, carnations and gerberas. Before you do make the final selection, look for the flower color meanings to make sure you’re getting the right blooms for your bouquet. Bridesmaids’ bouquets, on the other hand, can be made with the same kind of flowers in your bouquet, but only lesser in number.

Floral table centerpieces need not be the same old wedding flower arrangement bunched up in a vase. Showcase your creativity by getting everyday flowers and submerging them in a clear glass or vase filled with water. This will give the illusion that the flowers are ‘floating’ while at the same time preserving the beauty of the blooms. Or you can simply fill a basket with fruits and intersperse select blooms. This instantly warms up the atmosphere with its cozy feel.

Boutonnieres and CorsagesGo to
Boutonnieres and corsages are usually seen at proms, but you can also use them to tastefully accessorize your entourage’s and guests’ attires. Start by picking the focal and accent flowers. The flowers should complement the overall theme of your wedding. Add a little bit of foliage and you’re all set.

Why spend a lot on something that you can save from? Wedding flowers don’t need to be very expensive in order to be special. When buying flowers, order only from a reputable florist. You don’t even need to leave your home, especially when you’re pressed for time in preparations. Simply look for flower shops online, and you can get the job done in half the time. Your flowers can also be delivered to you on the same day, and that’s minus the wedding preparation headache.

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