The Top Best Selling Flowers

An awesome thing about flowers is that they are perfect gifts for any season. You don’t have to look hard to see how a particular holiday could boost the sale of a certain species of flower. Notice how a parade of couples occupy the streets every time Valentine’s Day arrives. Because they symbolize love and passion, roses seems to be the favorite flower during this Holiday. But let us remember that there are many other seasons and countless other flowers. To keep ourselves within a limited scope is to deprive ourselves from the overall beauty of nature.

Assorted Roses

Today, we shall take a look at a few flowers that have achieved a considerable reputation in terms of popularity. We shall observe their beauty and examine their appeal. The collective studies and opinions of flower enthusiastis, florists, consumers, biologists, and horticulturists consider the flowers listed below as the most beloved and best selling of them all.

1) The Rose: Also known as “Rosa Radrazz”, the rose is an easy-to-grow, fast-growing, fragrant shrub. What makes these flowers always availble in flower shops is its great tolerance to heat, cold and drought. They will bloom no matter what season it is. They can be bred into many colors. Their very presence communicate love and affection. What’s not to love?

2) The Tulip: A member of the lily family, the tulip is a perennial flower that’s perfect for vases. With these flowers, you can sharpen your flower-arranging skills without ever having to worry about killing your “test subjects”. Remember that the appearance of tulips has specifications that vary upon shape, color, leaf size and height.

Gerbera Daisy Bouquet3) The Gerbera Daisy: Belonging to the daisy family, gerberas are easy-to-grow flowers that are best utilized for indoor decorations and container gardenings. Its colors depend on the cultivar, which are about 2½ to 4 inches wide. Leaves are coarse and are on average 8 to 10 inches long. Anyone who plans to plant a gerber daisy in the future should do it in well-drained soil. Propagate via seed or clump division.

4) The Carnation Flower: Referred to as “Dianthus” (Flowers of God) in seed and plant catalogs, the various colors and sweet fragrance of carnations are often associated with feelings that pertain to affection.

Like many of the other flowers in this article, carnations also come in many colors and varieties. As a flower garden plant, it is quite easy to grow. This flower is known for its attactiveness, longevity, and clove-like fragrance. The carnation flower is also popular in corsages and wedding bouquets.

5) The Parrotlily: The parrotlily is from the amaryllis family. It is a hummingbird-attracting, drought-tolerant perennial. The white lily stands for purity. Stalks are 8 to 12 inchestall during its early stages, but they can reach up to 18 to 30 inches tall upon full maturity. Red flowers are in clusters and appear in the summer. Leaves are pale green.

Feng Shui Gardening

Feng Shui GardeningFeng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of positioning objects such as furniture, plants, etc. It is a practice based on the Chinese belief of yin and yang. Feng Shui helps people balance the energy or flow of chi in a particular space. It also has positive and negative effects. The etymology of “Feng Shui” came from China. The Chinese word “Feng” means wind; “Shui” means water. Wind and water are associated with good health in Chinese culture. It’s been said that good feng shui brings luck and prosperity, while bad feng shui brings misfortune.

Reports say that some healthy plants are the result of good feng shui. By placing the feng shui plant in a good area, it will revitalize the senses, bringing positive energy in your home. If you want to invite good feng shui, healthy and vibrant plants are essential in feng shui gardening. The beauty of nature is being incorporated in the luxury of your home through the healing essence and calming presence of Air Purifying plants. Feng Shui Gardening is about creating a home with the essence of healing and energy.

Here are some Feng Shui Tips:

  • The benefits of a garden with good feng shui should extend to the interiors of your home. If you have a big budget, add ponds and fountains to your garden. The cool waters and refreshing sound of the water fountain will surely establish the elegant look and calming effect that every home owner longs for.
  • Choose a garden layout with well-placed fences and ornaments. In designing your feng shui garden, allow gently curving pathways that will allow Chi (energy) to flow smoothly. Straight lines are rarely present in nature, so use relaxing, flowing shapes and pathways for your feng shui garden.
  • Use herbs that represent good health, wealth, and longevity. Such species of herbs include jasmines, basils, and lavenders. You can also use bright lights and essential oils that should grant your garden a vivid tone and fancier smell.
  • Try your best to apply the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Metal) to your garden.

What You Should Throw Away: Gardening tools that are either worn out or fairly broken should not be kept. Anything broken should be repaired or replaced. Always treat your garden with instruments that are in prime condition.

Good Feng Shui Plants: With or without feng shui, healthy plants should always be top priority. There are two categories of good plants: the Air Purifying plants and the Money Plants. Examples of these plants are the Jade Plant, Peace Lilies, Goode Foot Plant, Dwarf Banana Plant and the Golden Pothos.

Bad Feng Shui Plants: An example of plants that is bad for feng shui is the Thorny Cactus Plant. Their spikes evoke the wrong kind of energy. The Snake is considered a bad feng shui plant because it has strong protective energies. Other examples of bad feng shui plants are Bonsai, Yuccas, Holly and Weeping Willow.

You can have a lot of fun in creating your own feng shui garden. What’s awesome about all this is that you have a lot of themes to choose from; Japanese-inspired and Zen-themed gardens seem to be the most popular. Designing your own garden needs not to be expensive. Just design your garden with healthy plants and transform it into a lush garden. Have fun gardening!

How to Determine the Best Flowers For Your Wedding

Wedding FlowersEvery woman dreams of having a special and wonderful wedding, one that’s filled with beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime. To cause such a fantasy wedding to become a reality is to plan every detail of it. From the motif and decorations, from the wedding dress to the music, from the venue to the guest list, from the menu to the souvenirs, everything must be thoughtfully organized and carefully considered. No doubt that flowers are also included in this list of essential requirements, for their aesthetic appeal can enhance any event.

In these modern times, wedding decorations can become pretty extravagant, but remember that an excess in expenses doesn’t always lead to the perfect wedding. One must not underestimate the decorative potential of flowers. To make your wedding memorable, take note of the following:

Pick a species of flower that posses your favorite colour/s.

Expand your taste. Do not limit yourself to just one color. The right combination of colors can multiply the visual appeal of your wedding. Remember than you can also apply the same colors to your wedding’s motif.

Choose the flower types that best represents your personality.

Attempt to blend you chosen flower with the motif color; this should add elegance and sophistication. It is best to choose flowers with pastel colors, for they are perfect for any time of the wedding day, whether it be in the morning or in the afternoon. If you love floral scents, don’t forget to order some fragrant flowers. Once distrubuted properly, they are sure to allure the guests at your wedding.

Wedding Flower CenterpieceTake note of the price range of the flowers you have chosen.

This isn’t too hard if you know where to look. Aim for flower shops that have a flexible price. Your perseverance could take you to stores that offer discounts and promos for weddings. If you happen to encounter such stores with generous promos, you can purchase extra bouquets without having to spend more. That online flower shops are becoming more common should make this process easier for you.

Another way to save money on decoration is utilize simple flowers as the centerpiece for tables. Arrange them in a crystal vase, then add an extra layern of beauty by topping it all off with colorful ribbons. Add scented candles or fragrance oils. It is a simple, yet great decoration for the reception tables.

Remember that your wedding doesn’t have to expensive to be beautiful. There is much beauty found in simplicity. Make your wedding day your special day by sharing memorable moments together with your family, relatives and friends. Enjoy your wedding and have fun! Best Wishes!

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