Steps to Prevent Pets from Destroying your Garden

We live in a world where animals are treated as family. They don’t just entertain us when we’re bored; they also are a companion to us. Pets vary depending on the preference of the person. Regardless of what pet you have, and regardless of the fun and comfort you experience with them, they can still cause quite a few problems at home. One of which is destroying things around you. Not all pets are trained to behave really well. But this is not a reason to kick them out of the house or punish them for misbehaving. Here we will tackle steps on how to avoid your pets from ruining your perfectly grown garden.

Prevent your Pet from Destroying your GardenStep 1: Train your Pets.

Talk to your pets the same way you communicate with another person. Dogs, for example, are trained to fetch Frisbees, roll over, and the likes. They can also be trained to not mingle with your plants/flowers. Talk to them while pointing on the things they shouldn’t come in contact with. It will also help if you teach them while you are both walking in your garden. This can help you point out the place and things your pet shouldn’t come in contact with.

Step 2: Ease their Boredom.

Pets, like humans, do things to ease boredom. Since gardens have a very nice aura, our pets tend to go there and play, thus leaving you with a messy garden. To avoid this, commit some time with your pets: play with them, walk them around the village, tickle them, etc. This will not just establish bonding but will also prevent them to destroy your beautiful garden.

Training your PetsStep 3: Feed them.

It’s natural for our pets to eat if they starve. If constant hunger strikes your pet, there’s a big chance they’ll eat up your planted fruits or vegetables, or even flowers! Avoid this by setting meal times for them and feed them the right amount of food until the next meal.

Step 4: Know the cause.

If you’re pet still tends to gnaw on your flowers and roll over your plants despite all your efforts, there might be something about your garden that they can’t resist. For example, if they keep on digging holes, there might something underneath your ground that your pet is dying to find! What you need to do then is to know the spots they dig into and figure out why they just won’t stop at it.

The abovementioned steps may sound easy, but in fact, it is not. Like some humans, some pets are hard to train and hard to talk to. It will take time to instil things you want them to do. Patience would be your best teammate in this.  Take your time and your pet will definitely learn that your garden is an “off-limits” site for them.

Top Flower Arrangements in Wedding Venues

Attention couples! It is officially “Wedding Month”! Couples who are schedules to tie the knot sometime this June is surely oozing with excitement and happiness. But before they live the rest of their lives together, they should first deal with the essential wedding plans. Planning starts once you begin to think of the perfect date and time for your wedding, the food that would satisfy your visitors, the perfect church or garden to hold the ceremony, and of course your other half. But wait! Aren’t we missing out on something important? Oh, yes! The flowers!

Romantic WeddingsWithout flowers, weddings can be dull. Flowers are not as simple as some might think; they give a nice and calm feeling not just for the couple but also to the family and guests. It gives additional joy to the couple and beauty to the eyes of their witnesses.

Flowers are almost everywhere, but you can’t just pick it out whenever, wherever. Picking the right kind of flowers is as important as all the other wedding preparations I have mentioned above. Couples are defined by the flowers they choose, from colors, to the flower types, and to how the flowers are arranged. This is why I have listed some flower arrangements that would best suit your dream wedding reception.


It would be nice to have an aisle sprinkled with red rose petals. Bouquets of apple blossoms and roses placed around the venue would definitely add a soothing mood to the event. This would symbolize the pure, passionate, and eternal love that the soon-to-be-newlyweds have for each other.

Beautiful Wedding CenterpieceFor the Couples Table:

Red and white roses, red tulips, anemones, asters, baby’s breath and other flowers that symbolize love and purity should surround the couple all throughout the wedding event. This doesn’t only signify the love they have for each other, for it also represents the love and support their family and friends give them as a married man and woman.

For the Principal and Secondary Sponsors’ Tables

Bouquet of flowers consisting angelicas, calendula, coreopsis, daffodil shows how grateful to the people who took part in one of the most meaningful moments in your life. This also shows the respect especially to your principal sponsors.

For the Guests’ Tables:

A bouquet consisting of pink carnations and forget-me-nots symbolize the couple’s gratitude for the guests celebrating their special day with them.

Even without words, flowers can convey their meaning. It may not be known to many, but still, it serves as a reminder that in every bud and petal lays a never ending portrait of happiness for the couple.  Just mix the right flowers and colors and poof! You have a very beautiful and meaningful wedding venue. They will not only remember you as a couple but they will walk with you the path with a promise of love.

Reasons Why Planting is Good for You

Planting is Good for You“A garden requires patient, labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfil good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” –Liberty Hyde Bailey

Liberty Bailey surely had a great planting experience. True enough, it is through one’s hard work that a plant can survive. Planting and gardening is something that is time-consuming, but the fruit that you can reap from them are immeasurable. Here I listed some of the benefits we get from engaging in the gratifying activity of Planting:

Exercise: Tired of going to the gym to lose all those unwanted calories? Worry not, for planting can do that job for you without having to worry about spending a lot of cash.

Healthy Life: Fruits and veggies will help us develop a healthier body. We can have a daily dose of these healthy snacks anytime if we commit to starting our own garden.

Stress Reliever: There are countless of things in life that can stress the hell out of you, but flowers will never be one of them. They can easily pump up your gloomy day and help make things appear more comfortable and relaxed.

Save Time and Money: Fruits and vegetables grown from your own garden are will always be available for whenever dinnertime arrives. This means that less time will be spent going to the market and more time to do more important activities.

Fruitful TreesExtra Income: If your trees produces more fruit than you can handle, you can translate them into Extra Income by selling some of your harvest. Instead of letting your extra fruit spoil, you can sell them at a cheap price to your beloved neighbors.

Self-fulfilling: Planting a lot of flowers, vegetables, trees, etc. will not just satisfy your own hobby; it can also help our environment. Imagine how plants can filter harmful toxins and pollutants, how well they can sip in water when it rains, how it can be a source of food to those who can’t afford to shop. You can reap not only the fruit of your hard work but also harvest a good life from it.

Benefits of planting are numerous and immeasurable. We always hear people say we should not cut trees, and that we should plant when time allows us. Some of them know how to say it but only a few can literally do it. Indeed, planting is something that is much easier said than done. So be one of the few and let’s live a greener, healthier, and more beautiful life.

Plant fruits and veggies that you like to eat and nurture. Plant flowers that can help ease up a stressful day. To put it simply: Plant a life.

Truth or Myth: Gardening is For the Elderly

Is Gardening only for the Elderly?Some people are closer to nature than others. Many share a familiarity with animals, but there are also a great number of people out there who have an extreme affinity to plants. But a notion has seemed to risen among society – that gardening is for people whose lives are slow, whose pace of existence is not being chased by deadlines, theses, or exams. However is this notion true? Is it a truth, or is it just a myth?

The thing about gardening

In a society dominated by urbanism, where concrete jungles dominate the landscape and asphalt blankets the ground, gardening isn’t exactly popular. Where there are more grays than greens, the practice of raising plants are out of mind. So you can see where the previously mentioned notion comes from. Living in a fast-paced, physically concrete society, who has the time to buy some pots, some earth and fertilizer and some seeds? Or even out of the urban context, who are the people who have time to go around in the yard and tend the plants? That’s right – elderly. Although this might not be true for everybody, the general idea is reoccurring and accepted. But does an accepted idea equate to being true?

Young People GardeningAgainst the flow

Who is the judge anyway? Some younger people – even teenagers may find gardening to be relaxing. Gardening is a respectable hobby. Just like any other hobby requiring time and effort, gardening is rewarding. It can satisfy, calm the nerves, and just generally make one brighter. All those flowers – all the beauty in it is not only reserved for those who are elderly. The joy of seeing one sprout from a seed is not limited to a few. In fact, gardening is for anyone who wants some color in their lives – literally. Some may think it’s too “gay” for young men, but that isn’t at all true! The patience and hard work required in gardening will really separate the men from boys who give up too easily. So you see, even if it’s not just for the elderly, it’s still not just for “little girls.”

So is gardening for the elderly? No. I believe that it’s a very bad stereotyping of our beloved elderly. Get this logic: elderly people garden, but not all who garden are old people. It’s for everybody, meant to be enjoyed by many and not limited just because of a society-created stereotype from the media. So if ever you have plans to start gardening, whoever you are, by all means. The wonderful world of gardening awaits you. Do your best!

Buying Flowers Online is the Best Option

We all want to surprise our loved ones with different things. One thing that melts a woman’s heart is flowers. The beauty and color of flowers bring so much joy. It even brings healing to those who are sick. With many occasions that make flowers a popular gift, sourcing and giving it has become pretty much challenging.

The man is usually the one faced with the dilemma of coming up with flowers for his special someone. He can scout all over the city to look for the perfect flowers as he thinks of the perfect way to give it to her. This can be tedious and stressful. With the fast-paced society we live in, we need to accomplish certain things in the shortest amount of time without sacrificing any quality. Same is true when we want to do something special for our significant other.

Buying Flowers OnlineThe best option to go about buying flowers is to purchase them online. Here are some of the reasons why:

It saves time. Clicking on the type of flower you see online and having them delivered saves a whole lot of time. It will also give you more time to think of other surprises for your loved one.

It’s convenient. You don’t have to go to a lot of flower shops. Everything you need can be found on all the countless websites you can find on the Internet.

It’s less stressful. You need not worry about the availability of the flower you need. You can just browse through various websites and look for it. Because you can easily see which flowers are available and which ones are “out of stock”, you will have plenty of time to reassure and/or re- reassure and/or re-evaluate your plans and preferences.

It’s more efficient. Your flowers will surely be delivered on time and in the best condition. These online flower companies have all the means to keep the flowers fresh from its preparation up to its delivery.

It gives the element of surprise. This is best thing about buying flowers online. Nothing beats a surprise delivery of a bouquet of flowers from the one you love. Moreover, it’s easy to keep it from her most especially when you’re together all the time. You can do it at home or practically at any place where there’s Wi-Fi. Since she has no clue about your plans because the two of you are together, she’ll be more surprised the moment the flowers are delivered.

So if you want to surprise her in the simplest, easiest, and most romantic way, go to any flower delivery website now and pick that best bouquet for the best woman in your life.

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