What Should You Write on a Sympathy Card?

Most people struggle with words when expressing sympathy. It’s just plain difficult coming up with the right words to express deep compassion.

More often than not, we hear people say “I know that you’re going through.” This canned expression comes across as downplaying a person’s sense of loss. It also sounds a bit insincere because, really, you don’t know what the other person is going through. And in case you do, the expression would still be highly inappropriate.

Go to philippineflowermart.comThen there’s the sympathy card, the one that comes with the sympathy flowers you ordered. And just like in writing romantic card messages, this too can be tricky. How exactly do you show your compassion without sounding artificial?

Here are some ideas that you can write on a sympathy card:

  • Words do an injustice in explaining how much we will miss _______. (He or she) will remain very alive in our memories and admiration.
  • Please accept these flowers and hear the words we are not able to speak.
  • May you take comfort in knowing there is one more angel above us.
  • May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead.
  • This card isn’t meant to do anything for you but let you know that I am thinking of you at this time.  I am sorry for your loss.
  • I am praying for you to get through this time with peace that comes from the knowledge that God loves you and will take care of you.
  • “No one can truly know what you are experiencing in this time of loss. Please accept my condolences and know that you are in my thoughts.”
  • Words are not enough to convey my sympathies at a time like this but I just wanted to say I’ll be by your side.
  • I am at a loss for words. I know there is nothing for me to say that will make your loss easier. I hope you can understand what I can’t put to words.
  • I want so much to help you and be there for you. Yet I know nothing can fix this heartache. Please know that you are not alone. You are continually in my thoughts and prayers. I want to help in any way I can.

Sympathy card wordings can uplift people’s spirits, especially at times of loss. In addition to your kind words, make sure that you also give the right flower for the occasion. Search the Internet for sympathy flowers to give.

Flower Card Messages That Capture the Heart

We send flowers with only the best intentions in mind. Flowers are enough to express our deepest sentiments may it be happiness, sorrow, regret or excitement. Unfortunately, there are times when we have to use words to say what we really mean. And this usually happens when we need to write flower card messages.

Go to philippineflowermart.comPicture this: You have already ordered your flowers online and are pretty pleased with the way it looks. Suddenly, there goes the prompt asking you what to write on the card. Should you leave it blank? Can you just sign your name on it? What if the recipient looks for the note in the card and there’s nothing on it?

Yes, it seems simple. But really, for others it’s a lot harder than it looks.

And so you rack your brain for ideas. You want a clever one-liner, but can’t think of any. At least, anything worth reading and is not cliché.

Go to philippineflowermart.comThe key in writing spectacular flower card messages is by writing them from the heart. Write how you truly feel and you’ll see that it’s a lot better than writing generic flower card messages. But in case you still can’t think of anything awe-inspiring to say, here are some ideas about what to write on those tiny white cards that come with the bouquet:

  • It’s still a mystery to me, I haven’t got a clue, how I got so lucky and found you!
  • A lifelong search has reached an end. I’ve found both my love and my best friend.
  • With this gift, a kiss I blew; a sweet reminder that I love you.
  • Some cards are sent to say I’m sorry; some are sent to say thank you. This one was sent to say you’re special, just for being you.
  • You’re the twinkle in my eye, you’re the song in my laugh, you’re the light in my smile. You’re my everything.
  • Today is a very special day for sending all my love your way!
  • They told me I could do anything if I put my mind into it. Yet no matter how hard I try in all that I do, I just can’t take my mind off you.

Writing flower card messages need not be rocket science. Do not underestimate the power of flowers too when it comes to conveying messages, so send flowers today.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Flowers Online

One of the major advantages of the Internet is that you can find the things you’re looking for instantly. When you don’t have the luxury of time to drive to malls and shops, the best thing to do is to sit in front of your computer and type away in search of the stuff you need. This includes shopping for presents, more specifically, flowers.

Go to philippineflowermart.com

  1. You save on your purchase. When you shop for flowers online, you are in a way avoiding a middleman. Doing so reduces the cost of your purchase because you’re not paying a third party for your storage, transport and overhead cost.
  2. Flowers will always be fresh. Since the flowers won’t come from another storage facility, your flowers will remain fresh upon delivery. This is a great thing, especially if you’re sending flowers from overseas. All you need to do is to find a local online florist in the Philippines. Even if you’re ordering from the US or any another country, the flowers you’ve chosen can be delivered on the same day.
  3. You can do your purchase in 5 minutes or less. With the Internet, you don’t have to hop from store to store in search for the perfect bouquet to give. You can see all selections in one page, with each bouquet classified according to the occasion.

Sending flowers is now a lot easier, thanks to the Internet. Take advantage of the great prices and make someone smile today.

What Does Your Favorite Flower Say about You?

Your choice of flowers says a lot about your personality. Aside from that, your favorite flower also gives people a sneak peek about your sense of style. Just as bouquets are arranged to match an occasion or a person’s character, individual flowers also reflect one’s personality.

Go to philippineflowermart.comRose: You are ultra feminine and a romantic. When it comes to style, you love timeless pieces and classic cuts. Vintage looks great on you. You also love candle-lit dinners and intimate conversations.

Calla Lily: You are elegant and dignified. You instantly turn heads when you enter a room, thanks to your impeccable sense of style.

Daisy: You are unpretentious and eternally optimistic. You like getting your hands dirty and wouldn’t mind if your dress gets a bit rumpled. Sometimes, you may even be referred to as ‘one of the boys’. Nonetheless, you still enjoy getting dressed up occasionally.

Violet: People often see you as the introverted type. You are very low key, and this shows in your minimalist approach in choosing clothes. It takes time for you to open up to people, but when you do, you blow them away with your wit.

Poppy: You are bursting with creativity, the life of the party. You simply live and breathe art. You also love quirky styles, playing with usual color combinations with some vintage pieces thrown in between.

Iris: You are meditative and spiritual. You don’t mind traveling to different places all by yourself. As for clothes, you like flowing fabrics in cool colors as they allow you to explore the world in style.

Gardenia: You have an air of mystery about you. You love all things exotic, including travel. As for your style, colorful brocades or kaftans look great on you.

Carnation: You are a bit reserved and traditional. You are very realistic too, even when it comes to relationships. You tend to gravitate toward classic styles of clothes, but you also enjoy an occasional trendy item in your wardrobe.

Express your personality with the flowers you choose. Or better yet, send someone you know flowers that reflect their personality.

Thinking of Corporate Gifts to Give for Christmas? Choose Flowers.

Sure, there’s still a couple of weeks left before Christmas. But given the holiday rush and all the madness associated with Christmas shopping, it’s best to do your browsing for corporate gifts this early.

Forget ball pens with company logos, digital clocks with alarms that don’t go off, office stationery in bulk and the like. Christmas is not the time to give out the same boring stuff that people can get any time of the year. Think of something special, something festive. Think flowers.

Go to philippineflowermart.comOr better yet, think flowers and fruits and chocolates and wines… well, you get the idea.

There are three reasons why you should send flowers and gift baskets this Christmas:

Sending flowers and gift baskets as corporate gifts to business partners and clients is a way of thanking them for doing business with you.

You want to establish a good relationship with them, if you haven’t done it yet. Furthermore, you’re giving them a time out from the usual items given during Christmas. It’s going to be a refreshing break that your clients and business partners will welcome anytime.

Your employees already have enough mugs, pens and stationery for them to start an office supplies store.

Admit it: Those items are easy to find and buy. But then again, if you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you get tired of receiving the same thing over again? Flowers and gift baskets, on the other hand, make people feel extra special. And giving those gifts can boost your employees’ sense of well-being.

Flowers and gift baskets are available everywhere on the Internet.

If you don’t have time to shop around for gifts, your best bet would be the Internet. You can do all your shopping in less than ten minutes tops. Another great thing about shopping online is that you don’t have to browse numerous shops just to get the items that you want.

So there you go. Choose flowers and gift baskets for Christmas and make people happy.

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