Flowers for Feng Shui: Bring Good Luck to Your Homes

Every year, we look forward to great new things to happen in our lives. We come up with New Year’s resolutions in the hope of ultimately sticking to it and seeing some changes.

But if you want good fortune to smile down on you, it helps if to know a little bit of Feng Shui to guide you through.

Go to philippineflowermart.comFeng Shui is a way of attracting good energy into our lives by strategically arranging our living spaces. One great but simple way to do it is by placing fresh flowers in our homes for fortuity. Stay away from dried flowers, though, as they symbolize decay.

Flowers do not only serve as good home décor; they also bring good luck. As every flower has its own symbolism, it is wise to look into which blooms would actually make fortune enter our doors.

Here are some points to consider if you want to use flowers as good luck charms in your homes:

  • Lotus is a flower of perfection. It also symbolizes purity. Place lotus flowers in a bowl half filled with water, along with votive candles, to bring in harmony and beauty in your life.
  • If you want to bring romance into your life, fresh pink flowers shall do the trick. Put them on the bedside table for a whole lot of love luck.
  • Go to philippineflowermart.comPlanning to start a family instead? Orchid flowers can help you out in that department. This classic symbol of fertility also brings abundance and perfection.
  • Chrysanthemums are symbols of peace. Place them the living room or in strategic places all over the house for happiness.
  • Want luck the whole year through? Plant a narcissus in your backyard before the turn of another year. If it blooms at the beginning of the New Year, that’s an indication that you will have good fortune for the whole year.
  • Green is the color of money and growth. Incorporate green into your home décor by putting some leaves along with the flowers in the vase.

Flowers are very popular for Feng Shui because not only they bring good luck, but also because they make people feel good, which is necessary in bringing in harmony.

There are a lot of flower delivery shops in the internet – you can order a flower for your good luck now!

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  1. this is a new experience too, but i didn’t know they had such deep meaning. i will definitely pay more attention to other cultures

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