How and Why Flowers Work as an Apology

“Sorry” isn’t a four-letter word, yet most people experience difficulty in saying it when needed. Westlife attested to this when they popularized their song “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.” Elton John also concurred and resonated that “sorry seems to be the hardest word.” Admit it or not, apologizing to a person face to face causes fear and nervousness. This is the part where even the most eloquent speakers fall doom, stammer and stutter. How do we resolve this, when confidence is lost and ego is hurt?

Apologizing with FlowersWriting a straightforward sorry letter can do. But apologizing and giving gifts at the same time would really help accomplish the job. The strategy here is to wow the person with creativity. There are over a hundred ways of doing this. You’d want to show the person that you’re being truthful, that you’re willing to push an extra mile by putting much effort in your apologetic sentiments.

You can bake a cake with the word “Sorry” written with icing. Few apologies can top the repentant look in your eyes that’s closely accompanied by a box full of their favorite Ferrero Rocher. Sure, you can buy these kinds of stuff, but nothing beats the act of giving a fresh bouquet of flowers. Flowers miraculously can do the trick, thanks to the Greeks and Egyptians.

Women feel revitalized when they receive flowers, as flowers bring beauty in life and express an unspoken honesty that never fails to make peace. A specially arranged bouquet makes them feel like they’re the most important aspect in your life. Flowers are nice reminders of your love. When a woman receives a handful of them, they are likely to be charmed with sugary images of swooning, giggling and batted eyelashes.

As different types of flowers convey different messages, make sure you know which is rightful and most appropriate before buying one. Sending in the right flowers is a great first step toward forgiveness, regardless of the offense committed. You can choose from gerbera daisies, fall sunflowers, lilies, and so on.

The best selections for Apology Flowers are as follows:

Saying Sorry with Flowers1) Roses: We know that red roses mean “I love you.” But if you’ve wronged or betrayed someone, send her an assorted bouquet of white and red roses in an attempt to earn forgiveness.

2) Carnations: In the language of flora, white carnations signify constant remembrance. If you’re apologizing for missed dates or forgotten engagements, for white or pink blooms, which are a symbol of affection.

3) Hyacinths: There’s nothing more sincere than saying sorry with a bunch of hyacinth blossoms. Hyacinths are best if you’re apologizing for your thoughtless actions or hurtful words. A sophisticated mix of aqua-blue and violet blooms will make her day.

4) Tulips: White or cream tulips symbolize rebirth and hope for the future. You can also pair them with pink varieties to attach a sense of deep caring for your loved one.

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