Why You Should Have Flowers in the Workplace

In today’s cutthroat world of business, everyone needs a competitive edge whether it may be in your product design or in your human resources. For many business experts, the secret to having that upper hand over the competition is having happy and productive personnel who will render excellent services amid highly stressful situations.

Unfortunately, not all people share the same stress tolerance level. And when pressure builds up at work, productivity goes down. One great way to alleviate that stress factor and to boost productivity is to have flowers in the workplace.

The Numbers Say It All

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Make your workplace more welcoming with colorful flower arrangements.

An eight-month study conducted by the Texas A&M research team revealed that having flowers in the workplace boosts employees’ productivity. Participants were exposed to different office environments and were asked to perform various analytical and creative operations. Those who were positioned in an office environment surrounded by flowers demonstrated better innovative thinking and problem solving skills by at least 15%, with men generating more ideas and women producing more creative solutions to address problems.

The Power of Flowers

The thing is we don’t need statistics to know the power of flowers over our moods and emotions. Just walk into a home with a vase of freshly cut blooms and your mood will instantly change from gloomy to pleasant. It makes sense that businesses do the same in their offices to make everyone at ease and more inspired to work harder. Put a colorful flower arrangement in your reception area and it will uplift everyone’s disposition in an instant.

First impressions

When it comes to businesses, first impressions always last. And usually, these first impressions can make or break a deal. Set the stage right by creating a welcoming atmosphere in the office with vibrant floral arrangements to greet your clients. Your attention to details will be noticed and it is very likely that your clients will make the same generalization about your services.

Flowers make wonderful decorations in any home or office. Make your workplace more welcoming and heighten your staff’s creativity by putting flowers where they are easily seen. A happy and positive environment always makes for productive results, so if you want to achieve that, order flowers to boost everyone’s mental and emotional health.

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