Make Your Apology More Heartfelt with Flowers

Some people say that saying you’re sorry is an art, and they’re probably right. Things could go wrong in the next five minutes if you are not careful with the words that you utter. But saying you’re sorry takes more than just glibness to get out of trouble.

Sadly, words are not enough to make things right. Not everyone is skilled in expressing one’s self out loud especially when you know that you have done something wrong. Sometimes we all need a little help to convey what’s really in our minds.

Say It Like You Mean It

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Say you're sorry with flowers

Obviously, lip service won’t suffice. If you’ve hurt someone (maybe you forgot a birthday or said something offensive) and you want to apologize, you could send a bouquet of flowers to say that you’re truly sorry. Flowers do wonders to a person’s moods, and they just may be the perfect item that you need to get if you want to make an apology.

A word of caution: Flowers have different meanings, so make sure that you get those that express sincerity and humility. A bouquet of white roses shows that your apology is heartfelt and that you are humble enough to admit that you were wrong.

Make It Right

Of course, if the apology is long overdue, you need to put in extra effort to make things right. A single rose just won’t do—especially if it’s on sale! If a dozen flowers won’t cut it, double the number. That is not so say, however, that the more flowers you buy, the better are your chances of being forgiven. The amount of money you put in does not determine the truthfulness of your actions. It’s just a matter of doubling up the effort you make to show that you really mean you’re sorry.

There are times when words simply are not enough. If you need to patch up frayed relations, it will take more than just saying the words “I’m sorry” to make everything alright.

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  1. Flowers are a great way to bring joy to someones life!

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