How Flowers Light up One’s Day

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a restaurant or a wedding. Believe me, they’re everywhere. Whenever you pass by a garden, or even when you go out on a date, you’ll see at least one of them. We know that they’re beautiful, and that they come in different shapes, colors and scents. There is a flower for every occasion and person. Their presence always adds to our happiness.

FlowerfieldYou might be scratching your head now, wondering how flowers are associated with happiness. The faint yelling of the words, ‘Flower Power’, ring in your ears as you imagine a psychedelic-looking van and a woman wearing a lily tiara who keeps unloading flowers off the side of that very psychedelic van. Okay, maybe you’re not thinking about the second part, but I can almost be sure that you’re still wondering about all the flower talk.

Firstly, let’s look at the basics of why flowers make people happy. They are beautiful; they look incredibly beautiful. They can make any surrounding look like paradise. Be it a rose garden with reds, peach, white, and even blue roses. Add in some sunflowers, lilies, orchids… the list goes on. The colors are vibrant, their petals are soft and the scents are sweet. The combination of these makes flowers physically attractive. It’s not only isolated to gardens or open air. It could be located at an office space, a living room or even a dormitory study desk. Its soft subtleness makes the surrounding décor attractive and makes anyone feel positive by just being in that room.

Flowers in SunlightSecondly, there is the social status associated with flowers. We use them in almost every occasion; be it weddings, dates, anniversaries, homecomings, graduations, proms and even housewarmings. When one receives a flower bouquet, they instantly feel happy because they know that there’s someone out there who took the time to show them how much they are loved.

Thirdly, and probably the most importantly, is that flowers are, in essence, superbly pretty. It lights up anyone’s mood whether they are visiting a park or placing a vase in their living room. They become more positive, less depressed. Their energy levels jump up and they feel that whatever space they are in seems bigger.

Flowers are magical little things, and if you want a more positive vibe in your life, having a vase of flowers in your room won’t hurt now, would it?

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