How to Enjoy Eating Flowers

Flowers are a treat to the eyes. They’re nice to smell, and when humans learned how to cultivate them for decorative purposes, flowers have been able to convey messages that only their natural beauty can express. But did you know that plenty of the flowers are also edible? Yes, flowers are not only a treat to the eyes, but they’re a treat to the tongue too! It may be hard to believe if you are newly acquainted with this fact, but it’s actually true. There’s a long list of edible flowers. Some of them are very well known, very common and are found in almost all countries.

I won’t get into much fuss about that list, and I won’t go into details on how you should eat such edible flowers, but I am here to tell you how to take pleasure in eating them. You might have a hard time enjoying flowers as you eat them. Perhaps you’re just not used to eating petals of a delicate flower in a salad or in a dish. Or maybe there’s just this sense of unexplainable weirdness just because it’s not a norm when it comes to everyday cuisine. But whether or not you’re used to eating flowers, the tips I’m about to give you will help you in doing so.

Edible Flowers

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Flowers are pretty, But you can eat them, too!

Remember that it’s just like any other type of produce.

Fruits and vegetables are products of vegetation and flora — in other words, plants. Plenty of parts of different plants are consumed. Stems in bamboo shoots, roots in most crops, and leaves in cabbages and vegetables of the like, are all edible and are eaten commonly. Now what’s stopping you from eating flowers? Fruits come from flowers anyway, right? Sure, some of the flowers are poisonous, but some of the fruits (especially cherries) that are grown with them are poisonous, too. It’s just a matter of being well-informed, equipped with the information of knowing what to eat and what not to eat. In some selected grocery stores, edible flowers are found in the produce section, next to the fruits and vegetables as ingredients for salad. So when you see bright petals in a salad that’s served to you, don’t panic and don’t be in doubt whether you should be eating it. Just enjoy it!

Know that it’s good for you!

 Just like vegetables and fruits which are “GLOW” foods, flowers, which come from technically the same thing, are good for you. They may sometimes taste more like vegetables than fruits, but there are good nutrients in them, the ones that you also find in veggies. Crucial vitamins, important minerals, and essential macro-nutrients are found in flowers, and when you keep these in mind, you’re a lot closer to enjoying flowers as a food when you know their advantages.

Everything created that has been good for food is more than worthy enough for you to enjoy. So, why won’t you give edible flowers a try today?

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