Make Your Own Flower Pens

Flower PensAre you planning a party, a wedding, or a very memorable event? Do you want to give your guests a parting souvenir that’s inexpensive, appealing, and very easy to make? Or perhaps you are simply grateful to someone and you want to show your appreciation in a materially trivial yet sentimentally meaningful way? Well I’m going to teach you how to make a flower pen!

A flower pen is made of a synthetic flower attached to the end of a working ballpoint pen. The purpose of a flower pen is mostly aesthetic. But when you have to use its essential purpose, you can bet that you’ll be writing in style. So how do you make a flower pen? It’s really easy, trust me. Its very name brings out the two main ingredients you’ll need. So let’s get into detail.

You will need:

-Some simple ballpoint pens. I’m not talking about the clickable ones. I’m referring to the simple ones with pen caps. It could be any brand of pen, just make sure it can write decently. Most preferably, the ink tube stopper on the flat side should be removable. But if it’s not, it’s okay.

-Artificial flowers. You can choose any kind of flower you want, just don’t let it be too big so that it won’t be much of a bother when you’re going to use it to write. And don’t choose the ones with thick stems so that you can insert it easily later.

-A glue gun. Any other strong glue will do, but a glue gun is most common for such projects. It’s practical too.

-A roll of floral tape. Floral tape is colored in different shades of green and is commonly used by florists for flower arrangements. It can be found in craft stores and some flower shops, and maybe some all-around bookstores. If you don’t have floral tape, you can use any green colored

This is what you’ll do:

STEP 1:  Remove the end of pen (the stopper). This part usually prevents the ink tube from sliding up as you write and put pressure on the tip of the pen. You’ll need to remove that part so you can insert the flower’s stem into the pen itself. But again, if you can’t get it out since the pen you’re using is different, that’s okay.

How to Make Own Flower Pen (Step 1)

STEP 2: Cut the stem to the proper length. If you’ve just removed the end of the pen, trim down the stem to about a centimeter – just enough for you to insert it all the way until the base of the flower’s petals itself is in contact with the end of the pen. If you weren’t able to remove the end of the pen, cut the stem to about half the length of the pen and set it aside.

How to Make Own Flower Pen (Step 2)

STEP 3: Fill in the open end of the pen with glue if you removed the end. Remember that if you’re working with a glue gun, you should work quickly lest it dries up. If you’re working with a pen that doesn’t allow you to put in the stem into it, apply the glue to the side where you will stick the stem. Once the flower stem goes in contact with the glue, press it long enough for the glue to harden.

How to Make Own Flower Pen (Step 3)

STEP 4: Start wrapping the floral tape or ribbon around the pen (which now should have a flower attached to it). This will complete the look of the flower pen. It should now look like a flower with a green stem that could be used as a writing tool.

How to Make Own Flower Pen (Step 4)


Flower pens make a great gift. Think of the possibilities! It’s a great conversation starter, and it can make a good accessory to any desk or living room center table. The best of all, it’s really easy to do. You can put a bunch of them in a vase and it can double as a vase of flowers and a cup of pens. Isn’t that cool? So what are you waiting for? Why won’t you give it a try?

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