Wedding Flowers for the Recessionista Bride

Getting married is serious business. There are so many preparations to make before you get to your ‘Happily Ever After’. While you don’t want to skimp on quality, you still have plenty of things to consider in order to have the wedding of your dreams.

One of the many things to keep in mind when you’re tying the knot is the kind flowers you’re going to use for the wedding. Flowers eat up a huge chunk off a wedding budget, so it’s essential for every bride-to-be to be discerning in the blooms she’ll use.

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Below are some ideas that you can use in making cheap (economical, not shoddy) but chic wedding flower arrangements.

The bouquet is perhaps the most important thing you should consider out of all the flower arrangements in your wedding. You’ll be carrying one when you walk down the aisle up to the minute you toss it in the air.

It’s important that a wedding bouquet has an element of style and simplicity in it. A bouquet of yellow calla lilies is stylish yet simple—it’s all you’ll ever need to draw everyone’s eyes on you. You can also opt for roses, carnations and gerberas. Before you do make the final selection, look for the flower color meanings to make sure you’re getting the right blooms for your bouquet. Bridesmaids’ bouquets, on the other hand, can be made with the same kind of flowers in your bouquet, but only lesser in number.

Floral table centerpieces need not be the same old wedding flower arrangement bunched up in a vase. Showcase your creativity by getting everyday flowers and submerging them in a clear glass or vase filled with water. This will give the illusion that the flowers are ‘floating’ while at the same time preserving the beauty of the blooms. Or you can simply fill a basket with fruits and intersperse select blooms. This instantly warms up the atmosphere with its cozy feel.

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Boutonnieres and corsages are usually seen at proms, but you can also use them to tastefully accessorize your entourage’s and guests’ attires. Start by picking the focal and accent flowers. The flowers should complement the overall theme of your wedding. Add a little bit of foliage and you’re all set.

Why spend a lot on something that you can save from? Wedding flowers don’t need to be very expensive in order to be special. When buying flowers, order only from a reputable florist. You don’t even need to leave your home, especially when you’re pressed for time in preparations. Simply look for flower shops online, and you can get the job done in half the time. Your flowers can also be delivered to you on the same day, and that’s minus the wedding preparation headache.

Which Flower Bouquet Styles Match Your Personality?

Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to flowers. Receiving a bouquet tailor-fit to your personality says a lot about the sender. The same thing applies when you’re sending a floral arrangement to someone else.

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While most florists can customize an arrangement for you, there are shops, especially those that are found online, which have already-made bouquets ready for purchase. But before you click the check-out button if you’re planning to send flowers online, let these personality descriptions guide you in choosing the perfect bouquet to give on any occasion:


People who fall under this category are family-oriented, conservative and down-to-earth. They love being surrounded by people who are close to their hearts. For them, familiarity is the key, so classic styles are most welcomed.


They are trendsetters and are spontaneous. They live in the moment and have a flair for the flamboyant. And flowers are no exception. When giving them flowers, think vogue. Give only the mod floral arrangements to those who fall under this category.


Artistic people live and breathe creativity. They prefer unconventional ways and have insatiable appetite for discovery. They don’t settle for anything less of a masterpiece. Blooms in unusual combinations will surely impress these hard-to-please individuals.


Casual, earthy and adventurous—if these words describe the person you’re sending flowers to, then he or she is most likely to be appreciative of simple, almost rustic flower arrangements. People who are natural live an uncluttered lifestyle, and the perfect bouquet for them is the one that reminds them of the great outdoors and sometimes even their own backyard garden.


Sad movies make them cry. But given the chance, they’d prefer sitting in a quiet corner and read a book rather than to go to a movie house. Romantic people are generous, and they love a touch of extravagance. Flowers in muted colors and delicate fragrances appeal to them the most.


They like being the center of attention. When they enter a room, they do it with style. They are bold and like flowers that stand out. Vivid flower colors in a striking arrangement will definitely capture a dramatic person’s heart.

The next time you’re going to give someone flowers, use this guide to get the right flower bouquet that will match the recipient’s personality.

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