Top Flower Arrangements in Wedding Venues

Attention couples! It is officially “Wedding Month”! Couples who are schedules to tie the knot sometime this June is surely oozing with excitement and happiness. But before they live the rest of their lives together, they should first deal with the essential wedding plans. Planning starts once you begin to think of the perfect date and time for your wedding, the food that would satisfy your visitors, the perfect church or garden to hold the ceremony, and of course your other half. But wait! Aren’t we missing out on something important? Oh, yes! The flowers!

Romantic WeddingsWithout flowers, weddings can be dull. Flowers are not as simple as some might think; they give a nice and calm feeling not just for the couple but also to the family and guests. It gives additional joy to the couple and beauty to the eyes of their witnesses.

Flowers are almost everywhere, but you can’t just pick it out whenever, wherever. Picking the right kind of flowers is as important as all the other wedding preparations I have mentioned above. Couples are defined by the flowers they choose, from colors, to the flower types, and to how the flowers are arranged. This is why I have listed some flower arrangements that would best suit your dream wedding reception.


It would be nice to have an aisle sprinkled with red rose petals. Bouquets of apple blossoms and roses placed around the venue would definitely add a soothing mood to the event. This would symbolize the pure, passionate, and eternal love that the soon-to-be-newlyweds have for each other.

Beautiful Wedding CenterpieceFor the Couples Table:

Red and white roses, red tulips, anemones, asters, baby’s breath and other flowers that symbolize love and purity should surround the couple all throughout the wedding event. This doesn’t only signify the love they have for each other, for it also represents the love and support their family and friends give them as a married man and woman.

For the Principal and Secondary Sponsors’ Tables

Bouquet of flowers consisting angelicas, calendula, coreopsis, daffodil shows how grateful to the people who took part in one of the most meaningful moments in your life. This also shows the respect especially to your principal sponsors.

For the Guests’ Tables:

A bouquet consisting of pink carnations and forget-me-nots symbolize the couple’s gratitude for the guests celebrating their special day with them.

Even without words, flowers can convey their meaning. It may not be known to many, but still, it serves as a reminder that in every bud and petal lays a never ending portrait of happiness for the couple.  Just mix the right flowers and colors and poof! You have a very beautiful and meaningful wedding venue. They will not only remember you as a couple but they will walk with you the path with a promise of love.

Truth or Myth: Gardening is For the Elderly

Is Gardening only for the Elderly?Some people are closer to nature than others. Many share a familiarity with animals, but there are also a great number of people out there who have an extreme affinity to plants. But a notion has seemed to risen among society – that gardening is for people whose lives are slow, whose pace of existence is not being chased by deadlines, theses, or exams. However is this notion true? Is it a truth, or is it just a myth?

The thing about gardening

In a society dominated by urbanism, where concrete jungles dominate the landscape and asphalt blankets the ground, gardening isn’t exactly popular. Where there are more grays than greens, the practice of raising plants are out of mind. So you can see where the previously mentioned notion comes from. Living in a fast-paced, physically concrete society, who has the time to buy some pots, some earth and fertilizer and some seeds? Or even out of the urban context, who are the people who have time to go around in the yard and tend the plants? That’s right – elderly. Although this might not be true for everybody, the general idea is reoccurring and accepted. But does an accepted idea equate to being true?

Young People GardeningAgainst the flow

Who is the judge anyway? Some younger people – even teenagers may find gardening to be relaxing. Gardening is a respectable hobby. Just like any other hobby requiring time and effort, gardening is rewarding. It can satisfy, calm the nerves, and just generally make one brighter. All those flowers – all the beauty in it is not only reserved for those who are elderly. The joy of seeing one sprout from a seed is not limited to a few. In fact, gardening is for anyone who wants some color in their lives – literally. Some may think it’s too “gay” for young men, but that isn’t at all true! The patience and hard work required in gardening will really separate the men from boys who give up too easily. So you see, even if it’s not just for the elderly, it’s still not just for “little girls.”

So is gardening for the elderly? No. I believe that it’s a very bad stereotyping of our beloved elderly. Get this logic: elderly people garden, but not all who garden are old people. It’s for everybody, meant to be enjoyed by many and not limited just because of a society-created stereotype from the media. So if ever you have plans to start gardening, whoever you are, by all means. The wonderful world of gardening awaits you. Do your best!

The Five Best Bouquet Arrangements

A flower bouquet is a collection of flowers in a creative arrangement. It may be handheld or arranged as décor in homes and office buildings. It may also be arranged in either traditional or modern styles. In addition, it can also be given as a gift on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Furthermore, symbolisms may also be attached depending on the type of flowers used as defined by one’s culture.

Posy Bouquet

Posy Bouquet

In this article, we will be discussing the best five bouquet arrangements available in the market. The list is as follow:

1) Posy Bouquet

The Posy bouquet is small in size, round in shape and can easily be held in one hand. It is typically given as a gift and has been in existence since the medieval period; when they were carried or worn around the head or body. There are essentially two types. The first would be the loose, hand-tied and unstructured ones while the second type would be formal as stems of flowers are removed and replaced with florists’ wire. This is then constructed into a lighter posy with easy-to-hold handles.

2) Biedermeier Bouquet

The roots of the Biedermeier bouquet can be traced to the late 1800s of Switzerland where oranges and lemon peels were added for extra fragrance. The blooms in this type of bouquet are tightly structured and carefully-arranged in a circular pattern of different types of flowers, with each ring containing one type of flower. In addition, this European-influenced bouquet is quite similar to the Nosegay bouquet and has recently been named for a German style of interior design.

3) Arm Sheaf Bouquet

The Arm Sheaf bouquet initially gained recognition in the early 1900s under the name Bernhardt bouquet, after being presented to Sarah Bernhardt, a popular actress during that time. This type of bouquet is typically utilized for presentations, recognition of awards and other related ceremonies. Characterized by long-stemmed flowers and foliages, the arm sheaf bouquet is a stunning alternative to the more traditional ones in these modern times. It may come as single-ended with stems showing at one end or as double-ended with no appearing stems. Floral choices include orchids, roses, gladiolas and calla lilies.

Cascading Bouquet

Cascading Bouquet

4) Cascading Bouquet

The Cascading bouquet is the most traditional and formal of all bouquets. It was a popular choice during the early 1900s until the Second World War. This bouquet is round at the top and pointy at the bottom and can utilize any type of flowers. It is also designed to have a downward effect for a more stylish and sophisticated look. Traditional ones have been renamed The Princess in honor of the late Princess Diana while modern ones are called teardrop or trail bouquets.

5) Basket Bouquet

The Basket Bouquet has flowers arranged in beautifully shaped shallow baskets and has been typically utilized for various purposes like a) weddings, b) church offerings and c) restaurant decorations as centerpiece in a typical table arrangement. In weddings, this bouquet is often carried by flower girls to keep their hands out of mischief. The best thing about it is that any type of flower can be used for arranging a basket bouquet!

Suggestions for Flower Arrangements at Home

Pretty Flower ArrangementsFlowers can brighten any room. It gives a fresh aura to an otherwise plain corner in your home. Decorating with flowers is one of the best ways to spruce up your abode. You need not be a florist to have attractive floral arrangements. You can do it all by yourself! As the owner of your house, you know what ornaments will best fit your space! Here are some tips on how to create flower arrangements at home:

Go Home-Grown

It would be best if you can grow your own flowers. Buying flowers each time will cost you a lot given its limited longevity. Having your own flower garden gives you the freedom to change your flowers as often as you want at no cost! Choose flowers that can grow on your country’s climate. There are flowers that grow all year round, too! Some of the perennial flowers include the Yarrow and the Bellfower. The more flowers you plant, the more blooms you can showcase in your house.

Go with the Flow

Flowers are beautiful already. You need not be fancy in your arrangements. Simply place the big flowers in the center and the smaller ones around it. Don’t worry if it gets all mixed up, you’ll still end up with a glorified mess. You need to know the basics though. All freshly harvested flowers stems should be immersed in water so they can continuously give nourishment to the flowers. Cut them in such a way that it’s taller than, or ideally twice as tall, as your vase or container. Allow the flowers to stay in a cool and shady place for a while before putting it on its designated place.

Beautiful Flower ArrangementsGet Creative

Flower vases complement the beauty of your flowers. You can use old mugs as vases. The more vintage looking your mugs are, the more exotic your arrangement will be. Clear bottles can also be used as vases for long-stemmed flowers. Bowls can be used for floating flowers. You can use big bowls as centerpieces or small bowls as accents.

Get Everyone Involved

Let your kids pick the flowers or let your husband help you with gardening. Ask them to help you with the flower arrangements. By involving your family, you make home decorating with flowers a fun activity to do!

Give a refreshing ambience to your home with different floral arrangements. Start decorating with nature’s most beautiful ornament and enjoy the colorful vibe it will bring to your home!

Top Commonly Used Flower Arrangements that Spell Style

Any setting adorned with flowers creates a fresh and beautiful ambience. Flower arranging may look complicated, but there are certain arrangements that are both simple and stylish.

Go Random: Free standing arrangements are easy to do. You determine the shape of the design by inserting line flowers and leaves in the foam to form an outline. In between, place bigger floral pieces and leaves, which will serve as focal point of the design. Add smaller flowers as fillers to complete the arrangement.

Simple Elegance: Horizontal arrangements are elegant; you see them often in the bride and groom’s table at a wedding. Place line flowers in a sprawling position. To make a drooping effect, insert bigger flowers in the center. Place smaller flowers to enhance the arrangement.

Stylish Flower ArrangementBold and Grand: Vertical flower arrangements can easily capture anyone’s attention. Use tall flowers and leaves to create an attractive centrepiece. Add focal flowers in between and insert smaller flowers to fill in the spaces.

Shape It Up: Crescent arrangements are half-moon shaped. Start by inserting line flowers or leaves, creating a crescent form. Add big focal flowers to balance off the bottom part of the arrangement. Insert small filler flowers to accentuate the crescent arrangement.

Triangular arrangements are chic. Start by determining the height and width of the arrangement. Line up small flowers to form the width. Place the biggest foliage in the center of the arrangement, representing the height.  Add filler flowers on both sides to balance the shape of the triangle.

The lazy “S” arrangement is a classic. You need to create seamless curves by bending the stems and inserting them securely in the foam. Place big flowers to follow the pattern of the upper and lower curves. Add smaller foliage in between to further enhance the “S” shape.

Go minimal: Minimal arrangements convey both simplicity and beauty. Use vertical and horizontal line flowers to form the simple outline of the arrangement. Once in place, add big focal flowers in between to complete the design.

Feel free to explore different floral arrangements and that would spell out your own personal style. You can rarely go wrong with a bunch of beautiful flowers in your hands.

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