Suggestions for Flower Arrangements at Home

Pretty Flower ArrangementsFlowers can brighten any room. It gives a fresh aura to an otherwise plain corner in your home. Decorating with flowers is one of the best ways to spruce up your abode. You need not be a florist to have attractive floral arrangements. You can do it all by yourself! As the owner of your house, you know what ornaments will best fit your space! Here are some tips on how to create flower arrangements at home:

Go Home-Grown

It would be best if you can grow your own flowers. Buying flowers each time will cost you a lot given its limited longevity. Having your own flower garden gives you the freedom to change your flowers as often as you want at no cost! Choose flowers that can grow on your country’s climate. There are flowers that grow all year round, too! Some of the perennial flowers include the Yarrow and the Bellfower. The more flowers you plant, the more blooms you can showcase in your house.

Go with the Flow

Flowers are beautiful already. You need not be fancy in your arrangements. Simply place the big flowers in the center and the smaller ones around it. Don’t worry if it gets all mixed up, you’ll still end up with a glorified mess. You need to know the basics though. All freshly harvested flowers stems should be immersed in water so they can continuously give nourishment to the flowers. Cut them in such a way that it’s taller than, or ideally twice as tall, as your vase or container. Allow the flowers to stay in a cool and shady place for a while before putting it on its designated place.

Beautiful Flower ArrangementsGet Creative

Flower vases complement the beauty of your flowers. You can use old mugs as vases. The more vintage looking your mugs are, the more exotic your arrangement will be. Clear bottles can also be used as vases for long-stemmed flowers. Bowls can be used for floating flowers. You can use big bowls as centerpieces or small bowls as accents.

Get Everyone Involved

Let your kids pick the flowers or let your husband help you with gardening. Ask them to help you with the flower arrangements. By involving your family, you make home decorating with flowers a fun activity to do!

Give a refreshing ambience to your home with different floral arrangements. Start decorating with nature’s most beautiful ornament and enjoy the colorful vibe it will bring to your home!

How to Determine the Best Flowers For Your Wedding

Wedding FlowersEvery woman dreams of having a special and wonderful wedding, one that’s filled with beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime. To cause such a fantasy wedding to become a reality is to plan every detail of it. From the motif and decorations, from the wedding dress to the music, from the venue to the guest list, from the menu to the souvenirs, everything must be thoughtfully organized and carefully considered. No doubt that flowers are also included in this list of essential requirements, for their aesthetic appeal can enhance any event.

In these modern times, wedding decorations can become pretty extravagant, but remember that an excess in expenses doesn’t always lead to the perfect wedding. One must not underestimate the decorative potential of flowers. To make your wedding memorable, take note of the following:

Pick a species of flower that posses your favorite colour/s.

Expand your taste. Do not limit yourself to just one color. The right combination of colors can multiply the visual appeal of your wedding. Remember than you can also apply the same colors to your wedding’s motif.

Choose the flower types that best represents your personality.

Attempt to blend you chosen flower with the motif color; this should add elegance and sophistication. It is best to choose flowers with pastel colors, for they are perfect for any time of the wedding day, whether it be in the morning or in the afternoon. If you love floral scents, don’t forget to order some fragrant flowers. Once distrubuted properly, they are sure to allure the guests at your wedding.

Wedding Flower CenterpieceTake note of the price range of the flowers you have chosen.

This isn’t too hard if you know where to look. Aim for flower shops that have a flexible price. Your perseverance could take you to stores that offer discounts and promos for weddings. If you happen to encounter such stores with generous promos, you can purchase extra bouquets without having to spend more. That online flower shops are becoming more common should make this process easier for you.

Another way to save money on decoration is utilize simple flowers as the centerpiece for tables. Arrange them in a crystal vase, then add an extra layern of beauty by topping it all off with colorful ribbons. Add scented candles or fragrance oils. It is a simple, yet great decoration for the reception tables.

Remember that your wedding doesn’t have to expensive to be beautiful. There is much beauty found in simplicity. Make your wedding day your special day by sharing memorable moments together with your family, relatives and friends. Enjoy your wedding and have fun! Best Wishes!

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