5 No-no’s I Did That Killed My Flowers

Dry and Dying FlowerA wonderful lush garden of floral growth topped off with rows of potted flowers thickly habited by colorful plant life – that’s probably how you envision your garden to look like, right? I mean, who begins by focusing on the bad possibilities? But out of all irony, your garden may end up looking like anything BUT wonderful. Perhaps a barren wasteland with soil sadistically choking the life out of your flowering plants is a hyperbolized exaggeration that’s extremely close to your gardening reality.

Maybe you’re wondering where you went wrong or so. Well, a plant’s not going to want to kill itself, you know. It may die because of ignorance, but ignorance itself is something you did TO IT. So what are the common mistakes usually committed in gardening flowering plants? And what are the things you’ve possibly done to kill your precious, gentle, colorful plants?

Too much or too little water.

It’s a rookie mistake. However, it’s a FATAL rookie mistake. Most of the common questions asked by amateur gardeners are related to how often they should water. In a nutshell, I can give you an answer – Goldilocks. Not too much, not too little, but just right. What do I mean by “just right?” You should be able to know dipping a finger into the soil. Check if it’s moist that way regularly, maybe twice a day. If it’s not, it’s time to water. Just don’t water if it’s not feeling dry. Only water your plants if the soil is dry.

Overcrowding.Bad Gardening

Like some teenage girls going through trivial “life crises,” delicate flowers also need space. You can’t plant them so close to each other, for their proximity of the presence of one to another will choke them. Their roots will “fight over” the moisture of the soil in just one area. Too much roots of different plants in one area will cause a fight for space that will potentially kill them. Depending on the flowering plant, the space they need is relative.

Too much or too little sunlight.

Water, enough soil, and sunlight are the three basic elements that are essential for plants. You can’t have just two of either of them. You got to have all three. That’s why sunlight is also important. Again with the “Goldilocks” rule – not too much and not too little sunlight would be the ideal amount. Slanted sunlight or sunlight during morning and afternoon hours are less strong compared to vertical sunlight in the heat of noon. Look for a way to give them the right amount of sunlight in one day, which would be around 6 hours. Any more sunlight than that would prove to be unhealthy to your plants. Maybe you could put it under a garden shade that only lets the sunlight hit the plants when the sun is not directly overhead.

Dead FlowerToo much fertilizer.

Although I can say that it’s possible to grow some flowers without fertilizers, I can also say that too much fertilizer can kill it. You might think that since fertilizer is good, MORE fertilizer is better. That’s wrong. Stick to the recommendation when you’re mixing it into the soil. Make sure you never get all “trigger-happy” with the fertilizer doses.

Forgetting about the invaders.

Weeds and pests are a headache to the common gardener, but that doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable. I’m reminding you to not be lazy about weeding. No effective garden will come out unless you put your full effort into getting down and plucking the weeds out one by one. Pesticide is also recommended for pests accordingly, but not too much of it. Just spray enough for them to quit eating up your flowers. Don’t overkill.

A noble hobby is gardening. Remember that without any hard work, you won’t have the expected result. If you failed once or a few times before, nothing is still stopping you from giving gardening another shot. So what if you don’t have a so-called “green thumb?” Anyone, including you, can turn a vision of wonderful lush garden patches full of floral life, or a pot full of thriving flowering plant-life, into a reality!

10 Words that Flowers Easily Say to Your Girl

Thank You Flowers“Message sent!” This is how fast flowers can cope up with today’s SMS pace in terms of conveying messages. Unlike SMS though, flowers can be more heartfelt.

As we all know, flowers cover a wide range of shapes and colors. Each species vary from the most common of classifications to the smallest details of its creation.  There are types of flowers so ordinary that they can be found in the average backyard. However, those who wish for a more unusual sight would sometimes need to travel across continents just to see an example of the rare flowers of the world.

Whatever it is, girls, in general, can’t resist it. Most of us feel special when we receive flowers, especially those that come from someone special to us. But have you ever wondered how simple and meaningful those flowers are?

Here are 10 simple thoughts that flowers tell us.


Girls don’t expect exchanges for the things we do for you. But they do appreciate when you give us things after having fun helping you with stuffs or by just listening to your dilemmas. A simple flower picked up from your garden would show how grateful you are that we are there for you.


There’s nothing better when you recognize our achievements. As you noticed, flowers are usually given on graduations, successful speeches, and likes. It shows how happy and proud you are to us.


Flowers have a cheering effect to us. When we are sick, flowers tend to relax the way we feel in our room or in the hospital we are admitted to. It gives us the thought that we need to get well as soon as possible for someone can’t wait to hang out with us again.

Get Well Soon Flowers


Even if we have imperfections, we know that you appreciate us on the things we can and can’t do. Flowers can replace a note that says “you’re the best in whatever you do”.


Without saying how regretful you are from the mistake you made, we can feel it through flowers. We can feel the sincerity of your apology and the promise that you will not do it again.


After not seeing each other for a week, flowers are perfect to express how much you miss us. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bouquet of flowers or just a single stem, we would still feel how much you want to be with us.


Couples don’t usually see each other every day, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t express their love for each other. A bouquet of flowers delivered to our place of work would make us feel that you can’t wait to hang out with us again

8. YOU’RE ALL I NEEDYou're All I Need Flower

Parents excluded, girls love to be identified as the top priority of her guy. Trust me; your girl will appreciate this. Constant flower giving would strengthen this feeling because through it, we can sense our guy’s eagerness to have us in their lives for as long as we both live.


Yes, we do have our flaws, we have our mood swings, and we have the most unexplainable reasons of getting mad. You don’t know how grateful we are when we receive flowers after our sad moments and how much we feel your presence and understanding all the time.


Of course, every relationship goes through this process; a guy gives her girl flowers to express how much he loves her. It is a shout of romance, bluntly expressed with flowers.

So what are you waiting for? Give your girl the flowers she deserves and make her feel these short but meaningful words.


How Chocolates began to be a “Comfort Food”

Chocolate as Comfort FoodMelts in your mouth, not in your hands!”

Sounds familiar? Well, it should, for it is the tagline of a well-known chocolate candy company. But guess what? This is a principle that is true not only for their scrumptious product, but for other types of chocolates as well. In fact, it can now be said for pretty much all chocolates. In terms of taste, texture, and flavor, chocolate has evolved in ways our taste buds will forever be thankful for. And by the looks of countless new brands that are released every year, it seems that chocolate still has a long way to go.

Documents of history reveal that chocolates were first consumed as a beverage. Back then, it was considered as a food for the gods and as a legal tender. As different eras progressed, humans continued to find new, exciting, and delicious ways to manipulate chocolate. Eventually, somewhere within the 19th century, the sweet glory of the chocolate bars came into existence.

Scientifically, chocolates contain an antioxidant that offsets the damages caused by the oxidation of our cells. This ultimately strengthens our bodies, protecting it from various forms of diseases. In addition of the antioxidant, chocolates also include useful chemicals that assist our body in the secretion of serotonin. As a bonus, endorphins are also released into our brains, which will give us a happy and relaxed feeling.

Chocolate as BeverageNow that we’ve connected its history and science, we can now move on to answering the question behind our topic. What is it about chocolates that caused it to be identified as the go-to comfort food for this generation?

The advance of society, technology and creativity has continually altered the culture of chocolates throughout the decades. It has evolved from a symbol of offering to a delightful delicacy that we personally consume. Most of the time, we see people eating chocolate while reviewing, watching television, surfing the net, or even when they are just hanging out with their friends. This shows how people relate chocolates to their everyday lives. Happy or sad, people consume chocolates. Every bite of it is rewarded with a breeze of comfort!

Chocolates taste good, no doubt about that. This is why people love it. White, dark, sweet, bittersweet, etc—whatever type of chocolate there may be, people can’t resist it. Although it helps us feel better, too much of a good thing may also yield to a negative result. So eat only the right amount for you and enjoy the great feeling that comes with it!

Top 5 Uses of Flowers

Flowers as Apparel

Flowers embody an enigmatic aura that charms people. Our eyes glow in delight every time we enter one of those luminous flower shops. We don’t mind the days were we spend money on them because we know that their presence will highlight any occasion. So what is it that makes flowers so special? After all, what is it that they do?

Perhaps the answer lies in the eyes of women, who are usually the one to receive fresh flowers from their special someone. Flowers bring a huge splash of smile on the recipient’s face, which is naturally accompanied by that sweet, soothing tingle. Flowers bear a plethora of emotions and symbols that no other gifts can match, however expensive.

Throughout the history of time, people have been giving meanings to different types of flowers. Most of these meanings evoke feelings of love, romance and friendship, while some extol apology, condolences and sad confessions. With this said, perhaps the top one usage of flowers is: to express feelings that words simply cannot.

And the numbered list follows:

2.    For Apparel

Admittedly, this might not be the most practical thing to do with flowers in a literal sense (e.g. using actual flowers as a form of clothing). But flowers do inspire fashion designers, tailors and seamstresses in creating floral patterns and forms, not only for avant-garde formal clothing but also for casual attire.

As much as it covers clothing, flowers also make up a lot for accessories, from earrings, bracelets, belts, hair pins and bands, necklaces and the like.

Flowers as Medicine3.    For Medication and Healing

As part of the plant kingdom, flowers have supposed properties for treating ailments. For instance, dandelion, an edible flower that is served with sandwiches and pasta, can help treat digestive problems. Sampaguita, the Philippines’ national flower, has many medical uses from its roots up to the flower. The flower particularly can act as a cataplasm to stop the production of milk in women’s breasts. Belonging to the sunflower family, the arnica is effective as a topical treatment for pain. Echinacea, a type of daisy, can treat viral bacterial and fungal infections.

4.     For Fragrance

The most basic source of materials to create fragrances can be your own backyard garden. Fresh petals of flowers make up for floral scents emulating nature’s most pleasant smells. These fragrances range from oil essences, perfumes and colognes, air sprays and other aromatics.

5.     For Food

While browsing through a restaurant menu, have you ever noticed, and ignored, those variants of salads that are garnished with pansies? Well, they’re included in the menu for a reason. Give ‘em a try. These flowers will strengthen your body, and they have a mild taste that’s enough to suit your taste buds as well.

To add twist to your palatable adventure, you can start by incorporating squash blossoms to your delicious food recipes, like quesadilla or ricotta. For a more pleasurable and aesthetic drinking experience, you can add pretty purple borage flowers or famous Chinese flowers like daylilies, lotus, and chrysanthemums.

Tips on Starting Your Own Flower Garden

Flower FieldWeeds, mud, frogs, and all sorts of unwanted pesky things bothering your yard might be one of many reasons why you might want to start your own flower garden. After all, if you’re going to keep a kind of vegetation in your yard, it might as well be a flower garden than a swamp, right? You think it would be best to start from scratch. That’s a pretty good intention, I admit. For that, I commend you right away. Gardening is a noble hobby. And it seems that you’re reading the right article. You’re grasping for some tips on how to start your own flower garden, and here they are.

Visualizing is good.

You’ll have a hard time deciding how to start if you don’t visualize first. Put all of the factors and variables that could possibly affect your garden. This includes your schedule, availability and the kind of garden that you want. If you’re professional life demands lots and lots of hours away from, I suggest that you start off with the perennial kind of flowers. These types of flowers require not much when it comes to maintenance. You plant them once, and they’re presence can be cherished throughout the whole year. But if you visualize a very colorful garden, you might want to plant annual type of flowers; they will require more attention, and more watering.

Choose a spot for your flower bed.

Pick a spot of soil that’s level. A little bit of sloping is alright, as long as your flower garden will receive the sunlight it needs. (Your flowers should enjoy at least half a day’s worth of sunlight.) But remember, never let your flowers face more than it can handle. Sunlight is good, but too much of it will not be beneficiary.

Make sure you’re properly equipped.

Don’t get too excited about rakes, spades, shovels, and hoes. Remember that, in this scenario, you’re a gardener, not a farmer. Basically, you only need three things: a trowel, which is a small shovel, a hand cultivator, which is like a little three-pronged fork-like rake, and your bare hands (gardening gloves are desirable.)

Ready the soil where you’ll be planting.Amazing Flower Garden

Get rid of weeds, rocks, bones, garbage… anything that doesn’t belong in the soil of a flower bed. Now, there’s no easy way through this, especially with weeding. For the quickest and most efficient way, get down and pluck them out yourself. You should be very thorough. Don’t be afraid of getting dirt under your nails; part of developing a green thumb is having it covered in soil most of the time.

Start small.

Most likely, it’ll be your first time starting a flower garden. In this case, just start small with a flower bed with its width no more than the span between your two hands outstretched to your sides. The length of it should be around twice than that. A flower bed that’s any wider than this may present some difficulties for the beginner gardener.

Begin planting your seeds.

Once you’ve planted, do not be too impatient by asking questions like, “When will they come out?” Instead of these passive responses, do something useful by regularly watering them. This routine could be tricky, because there’s always the possibility of overwatering your flowers. One way to find out whether you should water is by simply dipping your bare finger into the soil. If you feel that the soil is dry all the way down there, you need to water. But if it feels moist, regardless of what it looks like on the surface, you don’t have to water it.

The most important part, I believe, is having fun. Give it some weeks, or even a few months, and you’ll definitely enjoy the fruit of your labor. It’s a nice view and it adds a LOT of beauty points to your yard. You’ll be the talk of your neighborhood, and their praise will be with you. It’s a good impression for your visitors. They’ll know how hard-working you are, since after all, gardening is no joke. It’s a noble hobby and it requires skill. So go at it with these tips and have fun!

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