Giving the Right Flower for that Special Occasion

Flowers have been significant to every culture all around the world. They have been around since the dawn of history itself. They exist not just as a form of decoration but also as a symbol of natural ecstasy. A recent research conducted at Rutgers University (New Jersey) found that flowers trigger happy emotions, increase life satisfaction, and positively affect one’s social behavior. No wonder flowers never fail to put a smile on one’s face, whatever the occasion there may be.

But do you know that one can further add a positive meaning if the right flower is given on the right occasion? In this entry, I shall mention certain species of flowers that would be perfect with the special occasions listed below.

Birth - Mayflowers are ideal for this celebration, for it signifies the thought: “up and coming”. A bouquet of mayflowers would welcome the newborn even as it develops in his/her mother’s womb. Giving a bouquet of this kind would surely induce positive energy towards the baby.

Flowers for the SickIllness - Bright cherry flowers signify the hope for a fast recovery. Its dazzling effect helps cheer up sick people.

Marriage – it is a devotion made by two people to God, to their loved ones and to each other. Together with this is the promise to love and protect your better half. Roses, forget-me-nots, white carnations, and red chrysanthemums are perfect for this occasion since these flowers signify true love ~ an unconditional love.

Graduation – Lily of the valley, coupled with a few yellow roses, would be just right for graduations. A vibrant mood of happiness spreads all over when these two beauties are in the same bouquet.

Christmas – Poinsettias, holly flowers, and Christmas cactus are just some of the flowers that are appropriate to display during this festive season. It brings good luck and happiness to the one who will be surrounded by it.

Death – Michaelmas daisies, Gladiolas, Marigolds and black roses evoke sympathy; they bid farewell to the departed. There is much irony how their uncanny beauty can symbolize grief and a sense of loss.

Everyone, in one way or another, will have to go through many of these occasions.  They are a part of human life that cannot be surpassed. So in order to convey your intention, be sure to choose the right flower for each occasion.

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