Make Your Apology More Heartfelt with Flowers

Some people say that saying you’re sorry is an art, and they’re probably right. Things could go wrong in the next five minutes if you are not careful with the words that you utter. But saying you’re sorry takes more than just glibness to get out of trouble.

Sadly, words are not enough to make things right. Not everyone is skilled in expressing one’s self out loud especially when you know that you have done something wrong. Sometimes we all need a little help to convey what’s really in our minds.

Say It Like You Mean It

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Say you're sorry with flowers

Obviously, lip service won’t suffice. If you’ve hurt someone (maybe you forgot a birthday or said something offensive) and you want to apologize, you could send a bouquet of flowers to say that you’re truly sorry. Flowers do wonders to a person’s moods, and they just may be the perfect item that you need to get if you want to make an apology.

A word of caution: Flowers have different meanings, so make sure that you get those that express sincerity and humility. A bouquet of white roses shows that your apology is heartfelt and that you are humble enough to admit that you were wrong.

Make It Right

Of course, if the apology is long overdue, you need to put in extra effort to make things right. A single rose just won’t do—especially if it’s on sale! If a dozen flowers won’t cut it, double the number. That is not so say, however, that the more flowers you buy, the better are your chances of being forgiven. The amount of money you put in does not determine the truthfulness of your actions. It’s just a matter of doubling up the effort you make to show that you really mean you’re sorry.

There are times when words simply are not enough. If you need to patch up frayed relations, it will take more than just saying the words “I’m sorry” to make everything alright.

How Flowers Help You Stay Connected No Matter the Distance

Every relationship requires effort to make it work. But when distance separates you from the one you love, the bond between the two of you starts to waver somehow and you need something to bring the spark back.

People who are in long distance relationships know for a fact that absence does not necessarily make your heart grow fonder. The presence of the one you love is very important in a relationship. To make up for the absence, people living apart set time for calls and video chats. But when you’re in different time zones, those things take too much effort and (admit it) it becomes tiring after a while—unless you are resolute in your promise to keep in touch every single night (or day).

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Bridge the gap with flowers

Once in a while, it’s great to have something that you can hold that reminds you of the one you love. Letters (not emails), pictures and gifts make for good keepsakes. But if really want to go the extra mile, a nice bouquet of flowers shall do the trick.

There’s something about flowers that make them the ideal present to give on any occasion. Flowers speak the language of love, and it’s just the perfect gift to give when you want someone to remind you. So if you’re thinking about sending something over to your loved one back home, make it an amazing flower bouquet.

Another great thing is that you can have chocolates and fruits with your flowers. That’s adding to the sweetness of the gesture. These can all be delivered on the same day, depending on the demand of the occasion, of course.

Relationships are full of twists and turns, and a conscious effort to keep them going is needed. No matter how far away you are from each other, a simple but sweet gesture of sending flowers will surely keep things interesting.

Why Flowers Are Still the Best Valentine Gift

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated occasions aside from Christmas. This is the time when almost every store, online or otherwise, puts up a unique Valentine offer that is hard to resist. Chocolates, Valentine greeting cards and flowers are among the popular items bought by many.

AmGo to philippineflowermart.comong the three, flowers are still the most romantic and they embody the essence of Valentine’s Day. However, people who send flowers on Valentine’s Day are already becoming a dying breed. With the mushrooming of other gift ideas to give (like the latest phone model, perhaps?), sending flowers to loved ones is considered by some as passé. Nevertheless, flowers are still a hot commodity on V-Day and will perhaps remain that way because of these simple reasons:

  1. Flowers speak volumes. No matter what your message is, it can all be summed up by a delicate yet colorful bouquet. Flowers have different meanings, and picking the right bunch will definitely get your message across clearly. For Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of red roses shall do the trick.
  2. Sending flowers is still considered romantic. People give flowers for sentimental effects. There’s an almost quixotic notion attached to it, and that’s what makes flowers the best articles of trade on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Flowers are convenient to buy. Contrary to what other people may say about flowers being a last minute option, picking the right flowers to put in a bouquet takes time and plenty of thought. What makes it convenient, though, is number of stores and flower options you could choose from.

There are perhaps other reasons why flowers are so special. Cliché as they may be for other people, flowers are and will always be the best gift anyone can give on Valentine’s Day.

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