The Top Selling Flowers

Mother's Day FlowersIt’s a normal Sunday for you, and yet you feel like something is up. You get up, walk around the house, and greetings are all over the radio and television. You are surprised to discover that it is Mother’s Day! Good thing your mom is still in the kitchen, busy cooking for brunch. You say to yourself, “Oh my goodness! What should I do?!” In a heartbeat, you decide to buy the universal gift for females: Flowers.

You secretly rush to the Flower Shop nearby. My, my, it’s overflowing with flowers! Coming in all shapes, colors, and sizes, the variety of flowers makes it hard for you to decide what bouquet to buy. You know you have to pick quick, for your mom might notice that you’re gone. Here is a situation where flower familiarity may come in handy.

The Popular and Top Selling Flowers

At this day and age, it’s still a tradition to give out gifts on certain occasions. This favors to the ladies, as they receive more gifts than men do. A few examples include birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, pageant nights, graduations, and of course, Mother’s Day. All these have become a milestone for almost every girl. And marking all these events is the moment when someone receives flowers. Yes, flowers have become the ‘go-to’ gift for many (especially when they are clueless what gift to give you).

So when the next episode happens (like forgetting it’s your wife’s birthday), and you are in so much hurry to buy flowers, you must know which ones to buy. Be it known that there are more than 10,000 species of flowers in the world. No pressure there.

Here are 3 of the Best Selling Flowers in the Market:


Coming from the Daisy family, the Gerberas practically possess the innocence and look of purity, as the other daisies do. The best feature of Gerberas is their various, bright colors that add cheerfulness to a bouquet or a table arrangement. Of course, we want all events to be as gleeful as possible, so bright colored Gerberas may serve as a good start.



Whenever you look at these summer-blooming flowers, you are probably reminded of refined beauty. These type of flower offers elegance, compared to the jolly type of Gerberas. Lilies have a wide variety, that’s why it is very popular in the market. Not only are they great as presents, but their oil also has its own use. Their oils can be used for massages and baths. Talk about a hard-working beauty.


RosesThis is perhaps the most widely-known type of flower. One can never go wrong with Roses. They simply exude beauty and love, making it an easy decision for people who would buy such flower arrangements. Almost all events that require flower-giving involves love, right? Roses have always become an excellent choice. You can choose among its variety of colors as well.

There are times that we have a difficult time deciding what to give a certain person. Sometimes, no special occasion is even needed. And so, flowers became a straightforward option. Giving it shows a whole lot of appreciation to the recipient.

Mother’s Day needs not to be forgotten, but if there comes a time that a rush is requried, you can simply choose one of the three types, or better yet, mix them up, so you can convey different messages through these majestic flowers. Flowers have their own meanings and it is amazing that they help us humans show how we feel through them. Centuries have passed, but the language of flowers continues to grow with us.

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