5 No-no’s I Did That Killed My Flowers

Dry and Dying FlowerA wonderful lush garden of floral growth topped off with rows of potted flowers thickly habited by colorful plant life – that’s probably how you envision your garden to look like, right? I mean, who begins by focusing on the bad possibilities? But out of all irony, your garden may end up looking like anything BUT wonderful. Perhaps a barren wasteland with soil sadistically choking the life out of your flowering plants is a hyperbolized exaggeration that’s extremely close to your gardening reality.

Maybe you’re wondering where you went wrong or so. Well, a plant’s not going to want to kill itself, you know. It may die because of ignorance, but ignorance itself is something you did TO IT. So what are the common mistakes usually committed in gardening flowering plants? And what are the things you’ve possibly done to kill your precious, gentle, colorful plants?

Too much or too little water.

It’s a rookie mistake. However, it’s a FATAL rookie mistake. Most of the common questions asked by amateur gardeners are related to how often they should water. In a nutshell, I can give you an answer – Goldilocks. Not too much, not too little, but just right. What do I mean by “just right?” You should be able to know dipping a finger into the soil. Check if it’s moist that way regularly, maybe twice a day. If it’s not, it’s time to water. Just don’t water if it’s not feeling dry. Only water your plants if the soil is dry.

Overcrowding.Bad Gardening

Like some teenage girls going through trivial “life crises,” delicate flowers also need space. You can’t plant them so close to each other, for their proximity of the presence of one to another will choke them. Their roots will “fight over” the moisture of the soil in just one area. Too much roots of different plants in one area will cause a fight for space that will potentially kill them. Depending on the flowering plant, the space they need is relative.

Too much or too little sunlight.

Water, enough soil, and sunlight are the three basic elements that are essential for plants. You can’t have just two of either of them. You got to have all three. That’s why sunlight is also important. Again with the “Goldilocks” rule – not too much and not too little sunlight would be the ideal amount. Slanted sunlight or sunlight during morning and afternoon hours are less strong compared to vertical sunlight in the heat of noon. Look for a way to give them the right amount of sunlight in one day, which would be around 6 hours. Any more sunlight than that would prove to be unhealthy to your plants. Maybe you could put it under a garden shade that only lets the sunlight hit the plants when the sun is not directly overhead.

Dead FlowerToo much fertilizer.

Although I can say that it’s possible to grow some flowers without fertilizers, I can also say that too much fertilizer can kill it. You might think that since fertilizer is good, MORE fertilizer is better. That’s wrong. Stick to the recommendation when you’re mixing it into the soil. Make sure you never get all “trigger-happy” with the fertilizer doses.

Forgetting about the invaders.

Weeds and pests are a headache to the common gardener, but that doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable. I’m reminding you to not be lazy about weeding. No effective garden will come out unless you put your full effort into getting down and plucking the weeds out one by one. Pesticide is also recommended for pests accordingly, but not too much of it. Just spray enough for them to quit eating up your flowers. Don’t overkill.

A noble hobby is gardening. Remember that without any hard work, you won’t have the expected result. If you failed once or a few times before, nothing is still stopping you from giving gardening another shot. So what if you don’t have a so-called “green thumb?” Anyone, including you, can turn a vision of wonderful lush garden patches full of floral life, or a pot full of thriving flowering plant-life, into a reality!

Why Buying Flowers Online is the Best Option

When flowers speak, words become redundant. As gifts, flowers convey ineffable messages that go beyond words. Because of this, they are always regarded as a staple present that is both simple and meaningful no matter what the occasion.

Flowers can be ordered and bought from many local floral boutiques. Shops that sell a multitude of flowers are most common when special events like Valentine’s Day and Christmas are near. But in cases where the recipient is somewhere far (e.g. abroad), or when we’re just too busy to visit the stores, buying flowers online is the best option.

Yes, as part of the online business rage, purchasing flowers can also be transacted through the web. Since the debut of online flower shops, many people have already benefited from their delivery services and good packages. Other known advantages of buying flowers online are as follows:

Buying Flowers OnlineWide Array of Selection

Online floral shops have photographs that give a general guide for colours, styles, designs and occasions. There is no need to ask florists for the meanings of each type of flower or which colour can suit the occasion best, as descriptions are most commonly in place. Availability of blooms according to seasons are often also presented, as well as substitutions of equivalent choice and flower arrangements (with add-on accessories such as vases, additional fancy stems and gift cards) to fill the customer’s requirements.

Quick and Easy

If you’re like most people who have 8 to 9-hour jobs excluding other time constraints, perhaps you don’t have the availability to go to local florists. Buying flowers online can be done while sitting at your workstation. By following steps before check-out, you can choose your ideal bouquet and voila, you’ve got your flowers without any real hassle. Moreover, most online shops have same-day delivery services or planned delivery dates.

Why Not?

It’s not a surprise some people are still antsy of doing so mainly because as with any online transaction, there are underlying issues of trust indebted to the online vendor and other safety issues with regard to payment. Arguably, this can be true; as every rose has its thorns, an online deal can lead to things going awry. But a just search for a certified and recommended online shop will solve the problem and you can send those flowers with convenience to your loved ones at a click of the mouse.

Popular Flowers during Christmas Season

Kissing under a MistletoeThe days are numbered. We’re nearly there. It’s almost Christmas, everyone! Have you completed all that there is on your Christmas Lists? Well, I hope so! I believe none of us want to forget anything important during this jolly season.

There is no surprise in the fact that Christmas is celebrated all over the Philippines. Whatever race or nationality you possess, you will witness and experience the joy of Christmas, one way or another. Anyone with a sense of wonder should enjoy Christmas lights, lanterns, and other decors. And here, at Flowers and Chocos, we would like to accentuate the participation of flower decors during this season, for it is a tradition that is timeless.

Here is a list of the most popular Christmas flowers:


This flower symbolizes affection. It has been, and probably always will be, a popular ritual during this season where it often hung anywhere inside a house, as long as it is located high above the ground. And according to ancient Christmas custom, a man and a woman who are to meet under a hanging of mistletoe, accidental or intentional, are obliged to kiss.

Christmas RoseChristmas Rose

Christmas Roses symbolize love and relief in anxiety. It is considered to be the most genuine among Christmas flowers. That it emphasizes the birth of Christ makes it one of the most significant of all Christmas flowers. The Christmas Rose is characterized to be a pink-tipped white flower.



Known as the “Christmas flower”, poinsettia is the favorite choice of flower during the holiday. It is known to bring wishes of fun and celebration. The small yellow blossoms plus the bright red color of its bloom attracts everyone’s eyes. This is why it is often presented as a centerpiece.


Holly represents domestic happiness which brings love, peace, and affection amongst the family. This flower generally has four petals and berries during winters. Like many other flowers, holly adds beauty to its surroundings.

The Christmas CactusChristmas Cactus

Also known as the “Orchid Cactus”, the Christmas cactus represents endurance and passion. It is during Christmas Eve where the Christmas cactus blooms. This flower naturally has different vibrant colors (red, orange, fuchsia, etc.) which makes it more attractive compared to those who are “breeded”.


Fidelity, divine support, friendship, eternity—these are just some words that symbolize this flower. This popular evergreen flower grows even without the help of sunlight. It is often seen hanging outside houses and buildings.


This winter bulb flower symbolizes splendid beauty. It comes in red, pink, or white colors and its stem can grow up to 30 inches tall, making it a perfect decoration during the holiday.

Whether as a present or just a decoration, these Christmas flowers, as the name suggests, is best for the season. It is not only there to please one’s eyes. A cheerful Christmas accompanied by their splendid sight allows us to feel happy and young at the same time. What a joy.

Merry Christmas!

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