The Top 10 Long-Lasting Flowers

Long-Lasting FlowersHave you ever witnessed the slow, sad decay of flowers that are confined within a vase? It’s not a pretty sight to see the bright petals of flowers die down as the days pass by. Giving your special someone a fresh vase of flowers is an intangible investment, but I don’t blame you either if you have a sense of loss as you see those flowers die.

That’s why, in this article, I’ll share my list of 10 flowers with a long vase life so that your special someone could enjoy your future gifts a bit more longer. But, of course, every fresh cut flower should be cared for properly by replacing the water every few days, by trimming the stem every now and then, and by keeping them in room temperature, away from harmful pollution.


First up, we have the most common flower that signifies romantic interest. Roses usually last around to about a week (7 to 10 days). Just make sure that you don’t remove the thorns, that you remove the outer petals once they whither, and that you regularly check the water level.


Not only do the happy yellow petals bring great joy, but they can also capture sun energy to power an army of plants that can ward off a horde of brain-eating zombies. Just kidding. But jesting aside, sunflowers also last the same time as roses in a vase. (7-10 days). Keep them well watered.


They symbolize friendship and come in a variety of colors. It’s said that freesias are used to celebrate 7th anniversaries. But as for vase life, it goes neck to neck with the previous two with 7 to 10 days, varying according to how much you supply water. They’re constantly “thirsty” flowers, so water them constantly.


They last a little longer than the previous three, with the maximum up to a full two weeks. Like freesias, they’re also very thirsty. So keep the water level decent. Also, have the stem trimmed every day by 3/4 of an inch. If you do this, it will be sure to last 7 to 14 days.


Proper care of this would include removing the dead foliage and the regular trimming of the stem for better water absorption. If this is done so, it should be good for 7 to 14 days.


They’re sometimes called calla lilies. Callas are very delicate since they bruise easily. And because the thick stems tend to curl as they age, it’s important to trim them every two days. They’re also thirsty flowers so always keep the water level up. If taken care for properly, it should also last 7 to 14 days.


Carnations are especially sensitive to ethylene (a naturally produced gas from decaying flowers, and from fruits and vegetables, and from car exhaust.) So keep your carnations away from such sources. When you cut the stems, do so just a little above the nodes found along the stem. Depending on what kind of carnation you have, it might last around 7 to 21 days.


They’re one of the most popular in terms of vase life. It’s ideal to store them in a cool place. Keep these flowers from direct sunlight, and any form of intense heat. They’re usually found as floral decorations on tables of indoor restaurants because they fit such conditions. In a vase of water, they generally last 7 to 21 days.

King Protea2) KING PROTEA

This flower is quite exotic, but can last a decent amount of time in a vase full of water. Proper and necessary care includes splitting the stems so that the water will be more easily absorbed by the plant. Also, as usual, change the water every now and then. If done so, it will last at least two weeks, and a maximum of up to three weeks! (14 to 21 days).


The anthurium flower is an absolute juggernaut against time while in a vase. It can easily reach and go past 28 days in vase life. The care tips for anthuriums and orchids are generally the same, but this one lasts longer. Because of their durability, it’s also common to find them in the vases of establishments and buildings.

Never be discouraged when you’re buying fresh flowers for someone. It’s easy to think that you’re just buying them so that the person you’ll give it to can watch it die. If you choose the right flower and give it the right care, having flowers is not only some decoration, but also a joy.

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