Top Commonly Used Flower Arrangements that Spell Style

Any setting adorned with flowers creates a fresh and beautiful ambience. Flower arranging may look complicated, but there are certain arrangements that are both simple and stylish.

Go Random: Free standing arrangements are easy to do. You determine the shape of the design by inserting line flowers and leaves in the foam to form an outline. In between, place bigger floral pieces and leaves, which will serve as focal point of the design. Add smaller flowers as fillers to complete the arrangement.

Simple Elegance: Horizontal arrangements are elegant; you see them often in the bride and groom’s table at a wedding. Place line flowers in a sprawling position. To make a drooping effect, insert bigger flowers in the center. Place smaller flowers to enhance the arrangement.

Stylish Flower ArrangementBold and Grand: Vertical flower arrangements can easily capture anyone’s attention. Use tall flowers and leaves to create an attractive centrepiece. Add focal flowers in between and insert smaller flowers to fill in the spaces.

Shape It Up: Crescent arrangements are half-moon shaped. Start by inserting line flowers or leaves, creating a crescent form. Add big focal flowers to balance off the bottom part of the arrangement. Insert small filler flowers to accentuate the crescent arrangement.

Triangular arrangements are chic. Start by determining the height and width of the arrangement. Line up small flowers to form the width. Place the biggest foliage in the center of the arrangement, representing the height.  Add filler flowers on both sides to balance the shape of the triangle.

The lazy “S” arrangement is a classic. You need to create seamless curves by bending the stems and inserting them securely in the foam. Place big flowers to follow the pattern of the upper and lower curves. Add smaller foliage in between to further enhance the “S” shape.

Go minimal: Minimal arrangements convey both simplicity and beauty. Use vertical and horizontal line flowers to form the simple outline of the arrangement. Once in place, add big focal flowers in between to complete the design.

Feel free to explore different floral arrangements and that would spell out your own personal style. You can rarely go wrong with a bunch of beautiful flowers in your hands.

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