Top Selling Flowers and Their Meanings

GerberasLet’s just say, for the purpose of this discussion, that your one of those people who turn flowers when they cannot think of anything else to buy as a present. Well, flowers are good choices. But, do you really give the perfect kind of flowers on a special occasion? You wouldn’t want to receive an odd stare from the receiver as if they are saying “Why? Why these?”

Let us recall the three top selling flowers and find out what do they actually symbolize.


As we know, Gerberas belong to the Daisy family. They are as bright and colorful as the sizzling sunshine, and are simple and easy choices to light up one’s day. Generally, daisies are symbols of innocence and purity, but because of the vibrant variety of colors of Gerberas, they also signify cheerfulness. Specific colors like ruby red, bright pink, pure white and sunny yellow are perfect for merry occasions.


These flowers have come far, dating way back from 1580 B.C. Lilies have plenty of symbolisms, depending on which type of lily. Overall, lilies are very much associated with funerals because it symbolizes the innocence of the soul of the departed. Following the many kinds of lilies, are also many meanings. Not all are connected with death, fortunately. For one, lilies of the valley signify humility and devotion. This kind of lily is the one given during the 2nd wedding anniversary. Virgin Mary’s purity is symbolized by white lilies, for it also represents chastity and virtue. Other types of lilies like Peruvian lilies are characterized with friendship while White Stargazers are associated with sympathy. Pink Stargazers, on the other hand, represent wealth and prosperity.


Placing in at third of the top selling flowers, roses also have a variety of colors, wherein every color has its own meaning. The most popular, the red rose, is very known for its symbolism of love, which explains why it has been the most common gift given on occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. It is said that a single rose will represent love, and a whole bunch of red roses mean unconditional love. It would be a flattering moment if you any of you girls receive around fifty stems of these. The pink rose signifies gratitude, while white is easily correlated to purity. The lesser popular types of rose, orange, yellow and lavender, hold their own meanings too. Orange is for desire, yellow is for friendship, and lavender for enchantment. I’ve seen pictures of these roses and I wonder why they are less popular; I find them very fascinating.

We said it before that flowers speak their own language, and that they possess their own meanings. That is why there are right flowers for certain occasions. And because these three are the top selling flowers, there is no hassle looking for these kinds. You just need to identify which of the three suits your particular occasion the best. Good luck!

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